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Levels 10-20
The top level of Blackburrow
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Antonica
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Blackburrow is the ancestral home of The Sabertooth Gnolls, a gnoll clan that has been feuding with the city of Qeynos for hundreds of years. Dug out underneath what was once the Everfrost Peaks, Blackburrow was historically the easiest way to pass through the mountain range on the journey between Qeynos and Halas. As such, it was also a popular destination for young adventurers from those two cities.


Blackburrow is synonymous with the Sabertooth gnoll clan, the dominant gnoll clan on Karan. Using their keen sense of smell, the Saberooth were the first to discover Blackburrow and the ore held within, presumably coal. When a gnoll finds a place it like or wants it is perfectly happy to stay there forever - and that's just what the Sabertooth did. For centuries the gnolls continued to expand Blackburrow, digging ever-deeper and wider. Soon, the intricate tunnel system that they had created became more than just a resource-rich mine, it held great strategic value. Humans, Barbarians and Ogres would all attempt to rest control of Blackburrow from the Sabertooth, yet through innate gnollish cleverness, the Sabertooth always found a way to regain control. Even Norrath itself attempted to rid Blackburrow of the Sabertooth, also to no avail:

The shaking woke everyone up. Big stones fell in the mines. Some miners were killed. Some lost their tails. We left the lowest tunnels. Many tunnels filled with water. When the water would drain away, the walls fell in. Many of the excavators grumbled about the wasted work below. Sometimes, whole tunnels collapsed on themselves. It was an uneasy time.

The furless called this time "the Rending," and were afraid. The Clan wasn't afraid. We were disappointed. All our work to close off the lowest tunnels was already done. The Clan is clever. If we'd known, we'd have saved our strength for other things. Since we no longer needed to block old entries, we cleaned up the upper levels. The furless came to us, begging for shelter. We put them in the storerooms till we needed them.

Things were quiet for generations. Then the moon, the new one, broke up in the sky. The furless fell to the ground, begging for help from their gods. The Clan was not afraid. We have the words of the Great Sage to guide us. He had said, "Dig deep," so we did. Some of the Clan had forgot that the lowest tunnels were gone. We never saw them again.

Lucky for us, we have an underground home. The surface was hit by big rocks. A lot of things died. We were safe in the Blackburrow. Some of the old tunnels are filled with spiders. Big spiders. We mine the other levels. Some went down to clear out the spiders. They got stuck in the webs. These are big spiders.

We've been in the Blackburrow for many generations, back to our Great Sage Fippy. He'd be proud of us, still here. We can smell ore through the stones. We knock down the stones. We get out the ore and sell it to the furless. The Clan is clever.

Although the current Blackburrow pales in comparison to it's former magnitude, the tunnels within still boast a healthy Sabertooth population and plenty of ore to go with them. Gnolls are pack animals, thus, if any foolhardy adventurer dares to explore this place, they better be ready for a fight.



Blackburrow is split into three levels; with the top level suitable for solo adventurers and the deeper sections requiring a group or mercenary:

  • The top level consists of an outdoor grassy area, Sabertooth Mine, and Collapsed Everfrost Tunnel, the tunnel that used to lead to Everfrost which is now a flooded dead-end.
  • The second level is the main stronghold of the Sabertooth, where they keep the bulk of their forces and their treasury.
  • The lowest level consists of two main parts: spider-infested caves and The Blackburrow Brewery. There is also a hidden underwater cave where two quest-giving NPCs can be found.


There are three entrances to Blackburrow, all from Antonica:

  • The 'front door' leads to the top level. It is found against the mountains making Antonica's southern border at: ( -1465, -3, 870 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI
  • The 'back door' leads to the second level. To find it, adventurers must swim out to Memorial Isle off Antonica's southern coast, cross a bridge made of a fallen tree and then travel down a canyon to a hidden valley with a door to Blackburrow: ( -1242, -9, 943 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI
  • The 'hidden entrance' leads to The Blackburrow Brewery on the bottom level. It can be found at ( -1111, -33, 1061 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI after swimming through an underwater cave.


There are three exits from Blackburrow, all to Antonica:

  • Top level: ( 80, -3, 22 ) Copy
  • Middle level: ( -16, 1, 45 ) Copy
  • Bottom level: ( 51, -37, 30 ) Copy


See: Blackburrow Timeline

Blackburrow doesn't have a timeline per se - a few quest NPCs in Antonica will send players into Blackburrow for various reasons. The majority of quests in Blackburrow are from dropped items.


Similar Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
Wailing Caves 10-20 Shattered Lands Equivalent dungeon for Evil-aligned players

Additional Notes[]

  • The gnolls in Blackburrow have much wider social ranges than aggro ranges meaning that pulling them carelessly can lead to the whole room attacking. This is especially the case on the second level where the gnolls are often packed closely together. Learning to body-pull is a must.
  • As far as quests and gear goes, Blackburrow is almost entirely obsolete. However, it has a number of named monsters and is a decent AA grind at early levels.