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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors more
How to Start see Starting the Quest below
part of: Beauty's Only Skin Deep Timeline
Preceded by:
Beauty's Only Skin Deep
Followed by:
Beauty's Only Skin Deep

What does this information mean? This quest is also part of the more generic Tower of Frozen Shadow Timeline.
This quest is additionally part of the Heritage Quests Timeline.

Starting the Quest Edit

  • Hail any of the seven "yearning" NPCs in the Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors on the Third Floor: The Shadow Barracks.
  • The steps below assume you start with the yearning zombie butler. From there the quest cycles around all seven yearning NPCs, and ends by returning to the yearning zombie butler. However, you can choose to start at any of the seven, the relative ordering of the cycle remains the same, and you must end the quest at the NPC you started it from.
  • This quest is tagged as Repeatable. However, it is only available whilst working on the parent quest Beauty's Only Skin Deep and when requiring the Sealed Bloodstained Scroll update.

Important Notes Edit

  • Best to clear the floor first before speaking with a Yearning Zombie Butler.
  • This is a timed quest. You have 10 minutes to complete it. If you fail, you will have to restart the quest.
  • If at any point you give an incorrect item to an NPC, you die instantly.
  • This quest is a sub-quest of the Beauty's Only Skin Deep Heritage Quest.

Historical Notes Edit

  • At the release of the Destiny of Velious expansion, this quest was a simple subquest of the heritage quest Beauty's Only Skin Deep but it was not a heritage quest itself.
  • At some point since then, this quest was modified so that it became a heritage quest itself (as in, it now goes in the Heritage Quests section of the Quest Journal).
  • However, characters who have completed this quest historically will not have this quest listed in their journal as a completed heritage quest.

Steps Edit

  1. Hail A yearning zombie butler wandering around ( -57, 206, 11 ) /waypoint -57, 206, 11.
    • He gives you a Book
    • [ Do not attempt to give him anything ]
  2. Hail A yearning shadow at ( -70, 210, -38 ) /waypoint -70, 210, -38.
    • He gives you a Brazier
    • Give him the Book.
  3. Hail A yearning shadowbeast servant at ( 71, 208, 5 ) /waypoint 71, 208, 5.
    • He gives you a Bowl
    • Give him the Brazier.
  4. Hail A yearning shadowbeast cook at ( 33, 211, 84 ) /waypoint 33, 211, 84.
    • He gives you a Breastbone
    • Give him the Bowl.
  5. Hail A yearning skeleton sleeper at ( -53, 207, 0 ) /waypoint -53, 207, -0.
    • He gives you a Bedsheet
    • Give him the Breastbone.
  6. Hail A yearning zombie maid at ( -62, 210, -99 ) /waypoint -62, 210, -99.
    • She gives you some Brass Boots
    • Give her the Bedsheet.
  7. Hail A yearning armored shadow at ( -15, 210, -80 ) /waypoint -15, 210, -80.
    • He gives you a Broom
    • Give him the Brass Boots.
  8. Hail A yearning zombie butler
    • Give him the Broom.

Rewards Edit

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