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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Sinking Sands  (AA)
Journal Level 47 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Sinking Sands more
How to Start Talk to Xilla Beetlebinder in Sandslide Passage at ( -920, -140, -340 ) /waypoint -920, -140, -340
part of: Sinking Sands Timeline
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Beetle Herding - Act II
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  • Beetle herding is hard to learn, but easy to master. Use these hints to learn fast:
    1. Make sure the bug zapper given to you by Xillia is in your inventory.
    2. The only beetles that can be herded are skittish scarabs. There are only four of them up at any time, but have a fairly quick respawn. They are all found around ( -935, -132, -423 ) /waypoint -935, -132, -423.
    3. The beetles follow a set path, i.e. all you need to do is approach them and they will move toward the desired destination - there is no need to actually herd them in a given direction. The set path is a direct line from where they were first zapped by you to the rocks at ( -1047, -110, -665 ) /waypoint -1047, -110, -665.
    4. Illogically, sometimes the beetle won't react to your presence if you stand behind it. However, the beetle will always react if you're standing in front of it or on it.
    5. To 100% guarantee that the beetle will drop it's carapace, use this strategy:
      1. Let the tarantula hit the beetle first, making both mobs grey to you.
      2. Damage the beetle! Continue attacking it until it is as low as possible, but do not kill it. If mentored down, take off every piece of gear as to not one-shot it.
      3. Let the tarantula cause the killing blow. If the tarantula has a hatched spiderling add, make sure to kill the hatched spiderling asap as sometimes it will be the one to hit the final blow.
    6. Use a leaper mount, as this will enable you to multitask. You can hop between multiple beetles with ease when herding them toward the rocks. Furthermore, when you stop attacking the beetle when it's low on health, you will automatically re-mount enabling you to quickly herd back any stray beetles.


  1. Frighten a skittish scarab into the tarantulas to obtain a pristine carapace.
  2. Return to Xilla Beetlebinder to receive your reward.


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