• In the course of the quest you are required to finish several expert collections. These can be done all at once as soon as you have finished The Path to Understanding... If you do not have the ability to 'track harvestable' buy a bunch of Gnomish Divining Rod. They will save you H-O-U-R-S.
  • Being a follower of The Tribunal might be helpful for the final fight for the Scales of Justice blessing
  • Update: 2/8/2014 - The entire BL epic (heroic version) is soloable in ToV Advanced Solo fully yellow gemmed gear except 1 dungeon. The Fortress Spire in GD requires at least three people for the only reason that the underwater switches must be activated at the same time by 3 people. Aside from that I was able to own all other mobs and dungeons with the werewolf healer merc and only in the gear indicated above, not a piece of heroic gear. There were two fights that were a bit tough solo. The second to last boss in Iceshard Keep is pretty tough but indeed doable. Be sure to go spiritual and move him to the corner to keep the healer merc close by. The second tough battle solo was Decanus Thekklod. Took me three tries but I got him! The spell you get is worth the trouble for this quest.

Fabled (Heroic) Version

  1. The Path to Understanding...
  2. Time is of the Essence
  3. One Door Closes, Another Door Opens
    1. Axiom of the Great Crocodile - Collection
    2. Axiom of the Great Tiger - Collection
    3. Axiom of the Great Bear - Collection
    4. A Way All Mercy is a Way Unjust - Quest
    5. Axiom of the Great Wolf - Collection
  4. A Chance For Redemption

Mythical (Epic) Version

  1. The Savage Deepening of Spirit


Reward for Group part:

Reward for Raid part:

Epic Conversion

  • Beastlords receive their effects as buffs separate from the weapons directly and as such do not have an Epic conversion.

This timeline details the quests for the fabled and mythical versions the Beastlord Epic Weapons.

You must be at least Level 90 in order to start/complete this quest line. The Fabled version of the epic requires only completing content of heroic difficulty at maximum, while the Mythical version requires completing several Epic encounters, culminating in one inside Temple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone (Challenge).

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