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Ballads of Zimara Crafting Timeline
Recommended Levels 125 to 130
Introduced: Ballads of Zimara
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Barren Sky
Preceded by: Renewal of Ro Crafting Timeline

See the Tradeskill Timeline page for a complete list of all tradeskill quests from every expansion.



  • You must be tradeskill level 125 to start this series.

Unlocking Flight[]

Flight is unlocked in each zone upon completion of the relevant stage of the sigline,

Materials Needed[]

In addition to the following you'll want several charges of a portable workbench.


No rares required.

Common Materials

Everything required is harvested as part of the sigline.


Be sure to buy your fuel and bring it with you before entering the expansion zones as currently (as of 12/5/23) there are no fuel merchants in the expansion zones. This may or may not change in the future.

Tradeskill Signature Line Quests[]

Speak to Orren-543, -63, -429 ) Copy in The Barren Sky

  1. Test Your Mettle: The Sky is the Limit
  2. Test Your Mettle: Time to Preen
  3. Test Your Mettle: W.H.O.O.?
  4. Test Your Mettle: Where?
  5. Test Your Mettle: The Breadth of the Matter
  6. Test Your Mettle: The Width of the Breadth
  7. Test Your Mettle: Bivouac Building
  8. Test Your Mettle: Aetheric Safety

Tradeskill Researcher Missions[]

These become available upon completing the sigline.

Speak to Aspiring Artisan Burnish, located in Aether Wroughtlands at ( 694, -46, -440 ) Copy.

  1. Disassemble: No!
  2. Disassemble: A Rocky Beginning
  3. Disassemble: Hide if You Can
  4. Disassemble: Tricking the Eyes
  5. Disassemble: A Different Approach
  6. Bivouac: Repairs