Backpacks are leather-based containers that characters can use to carry most of their inventory. They can also be used to increase space in bank slots or in the storage (the vault) you can access when inside player housing.

  • They are primarily made by Tailors, but you start with a few small backpacks, some are quest rewards or can be purchased from NPC merchants.
  • At one time, they added less weight to your character (a mechanic that could slow movement) but this was removed from strong boxes. As a result, both items serve the same purpose.
  • Each player-made (crafted) backpack also has the same number of slots as player-made strong boxes of the same Tier.
  • Due to market fluctuations and item availability, it's wise to search the broker for both backpacks and strong boxes now that they function in the same manner. At times, both backpacks and strong boxes with the same number of slots can vary greatly in price and you may save a great deal of coin.

Crafted Backpacks Edit

These backpacks are crafted by Tailors.

TierSlotsLeather TypeName
18rawhide leather peltpristine rawhide leather backpack
112waxed leather peltpristine waxed leather backpack
212tanned leather peltpristine tanned leather backpack
216cured leather peltpristine cured leather backpack
316boiled leather peltpristine boiled leather backpack
320cuirboilli leather peltpristine cuirboilli leather backpack
420etched leather peltpristine etched leather backpack
424engraved leather peltpristine engraved leather backpack
524strengthened leather peltpristine strengthened leather backpack
528augmented leather peltpristine augmented leather backpack
628stonehide leather peltpristine stonehide leather backpack
632scaled leather peltpristine scaled leather backpack
732horned leather peltpristine horned leather backpack
736Dragonhide leather peltpristine dragonhide leather backpack
836Emerald CloversBrewmeister's Backpack
836Bristled peltbristled leather backpack
840Hidebound peltpristine hidebound leather backpack
940Mottled peltmottled leather backpack
944Spotted peltspotted leather backpack
1044thick bear peltbear hide backpack
1046thick bear peltthick bear hide backpack
1048metallic reptile hidemetallic reptile hide backpack
1164rallic pack patternRallic Pack ¥
¥ = Lore

Non-Crafted Backpacks Edit

These backpacks can be found all throughout Norrath on merchants or from quests.

10Bootstrutter's Adventure Pack
10Briarpaw Bag
10Small Collector's Pouch - Quest Reward
10Field Investigators Evidence kit
12Bag of Endless Adventure
12Small Collector's Pouch - Collection Reward
12Medium Collector's Pouch - Quest Reward
12Shroud of the Manastone
12Field Investigators Evidence Case
14Large Collector's Pouch - Quest Reward
16Toxicologist's Field Pack
18Medium Collector's Pouch - Collection Reward
20Dragon Hide Bag
20Satchel of Song
22Membrane Stitched Duffle Bag
24Large Collector's Pouch - Collection Reward
28Dirby's Work Satchel
30Huge Collector's Pouch
34Bag of Sewn Evil Eye - (HQ Reward)
34Box of Nil Space
36Wantia Artisan's Satchel
42Bag of the Tinkerers - (HQ Reward)
48Frostfell Shopping Bag
50Really Big Bag
56Bag of Sewn Evil Eye - (buyed after doing the HQ on FG)
58Bag of the Tinkerers - (buyed after doing the HQ on FG)
64Gardener's Backpack
66Naylie's Nebulous Newsbag
88Bag of Dirty Tricks
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