Awnya N'Kval

Awnya N'Kval

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Najena's Elemental Jeweler
Race Dark Elf
Zone Lavastorm (LU52)
Location On the docks outside the Shrine of Thunder ( -183, -120, 653 ) /waypoint -183, -120, 653


Merchant that sells upgrades of Ward of Elements jewellery (including rings, earrings, belts, cloaks and shields). To upgrade an item, you will need a corresponding T2 Shard item, the drop from Ward of Elements and 1p 50g.

List of available upgradesEdit

Most of the jewelry can be used by any class, with the exception of symbols, the buckler and the tower shield. Following listing is ordered by suggested purpose.

For hostile spells Edit

Upgraded item Slot Item from Ward of Elements Drops from T2 shard item
Mystical Drape of Najena Cloak Drape of the Enraged Elemental Aiden Voidblaster's Cape
Blazing Swiftash Shadow Sash Waist Swiftash Shadow Sash Gelidus Ventus Inner Power Sash
Elemental Chains of Control Neck Elemental Collar of Binding Khost Alur Ensnaring Broach
Imbued Earring of Flowing Magma Ear Earring of Pulsing Magma Imperator Ignus Ensnaring Earring
Blackflame Ring Finger White-hot Ring Benach Aglebar Ensnaring Band
Blazing Effigy of Najena's Lava Elemental Secondary, Ranged Flaming Effigy of a Lava Elemental Dayakara Voidcaller's Idol
Tainted Orb of Magma Secondary, Ranged Corrupted Orb of Still Lava Digg Energized Orb of Destruction

For mitigation and deflection Edit

Upgraded item Slot Item from Ward of Elements Drops from T2 shard item
Champion's Cape of Unyielding Will Cloak Champion's Cape of Solid Stance Aiden Stone Tower Drape
Enslaved Wall of Dominated Souls Shield Wall of Screaming Souls Digg Tower of Bone

For melee DPS Edit

Upgraded item Slot Item from Ward of Elements Drops from T2 shard item
Cloak of Eternal Night Cloak Cloak of Billowing Darkness Aiden Onslaught Mantle
Shimmering Swiftlace Shadow Waist Waist Swiftlace Shadow Waist Gelidus Ventus Hearthwarmed Belt
Streaming Volcanic Girdle Waist Volcanic Girdle of Flowing Gelidus Ventus Reclaimed Waistband
Flaming Spiked Choker Neck Blackened Spiked Choker Imperator Ignus Tactician's Chain
Igneous Rock Choker Neck Lava Rock Choker Benach Aglebar Rumbling Choker
Cursed Stud of the Abyss Ear Void-Sheltered Stud Imperator Ignus Rumbling Earring
Marauding Plug of the Flame Warrior Ear Predatory Plug Benach Aglebar Tactician's Hoop
Circlet of Najena's Assassin Finger Veiled Striker's Circlet Khost Alur Tactician's Band
Empowered Elemental Ring Finger Aggressive Elemental Ring Dayakara Rumbling Ring

For beneficial spells Edit

Upgraded item Slot Item from Ward of Elements Drops from T2 shard item
Elemental Battlepriest's Drape Cloak Wardpriest's Drape Aiden Druidic Drape
Magmaweave Metallic Belt Waist Lavaspun Steel Belt Gelidus Ventus Rejuvenating Sash
Smoldering Sapphire Necklace Neck Sapphire Gemmed Necklace Khost Alur Unholy Choker
Lilioze's Tranquil Earring Ear Soothing Earring Benach Aglebar Druidic Loop
Luminous Loop of Three Elements Finger Tri-element Loop Dayakara Rejuvenating Band
Wall of Raging Winds Shield Wispy Wall of Air Digg Wall of Healing
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