Avess Ryiss

Avess Ryiss

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Merchant
Race Iksar
Zone Jarsath Wastes (Rise of Kunark)
Location Danak Shipyards tradeskill building ( -176, -34, 1079 ) /waypoint -175.5, -33.5, 1078.5 Eq2map


Avess Ryiss sells the fabled set armor of every class. To buy a piece of the armor, one must first loot a pattern and three gems from named and trash (respectively) in Veeshan's Peak. The pattern and gems are used to buy each piece. The necessary items are different for almost every class.


  • You must have greater than -20K faction with Danak, else Avess will not want to do business with you.
    • Possibly just non-Kos, I bought an item at -8,675 faction.
    • Confirmed with -9k faction 1/1/11
    • -20K exactly won't work, -19,250 worked 7/25/11
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