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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Blood of Luclin
Level Range level range needed!
Zone in from The Blinding
Entrance is at

Click the glowing ball in the air at ( 645, 59, 336 ) Copy at Recuso Tor

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Public
Failure Lockout no lockout, but every 6 hours the instance is resetted
Success Lockout no lockout, but every 6 hours the instance is resetted
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What does this information mean?



  1. Defeat the 5 Guardians:
    • Note: Each Guardian has 50% weakness, and 150% and 200% resistenc. With the runestone you can adapt your damagetype to the opponent weakness. The runestone can be reused to change your damagetype.
    • Runerock Guardian: Drops the runestone, which can change your damagetype (needed for the boss fight).
    • Frostrock Guardian
    • Firerock Guardian
    • Moonrock Guardian
    • Venomrock Guardian
  2. Defeat Zethon Pri'Sma
    • Based on the protection-buff you must "change" your damage type by using the runestone you have looted from the corps of the Runerock Guardian.
    • Use the runestone. It will cast the buff "Prismatic Runestone" on you:
      • Reduces elemental, divine, poison and slash damage done to the caster by 80%
      • Shapechagnes caster into a primstic rock
      • This will change all damage you do to type magic.
    • Zethon Pri'Sma has the - at least - following buffs
      • Immunity to Daze Effects
      • Immunity to Stifling Effects
      • Immunity to Stun Effects
      • Immunity to mesmerize Effects
      • Akhevan Runestone Protection [Is the title always the same?]
        • Increases magic damage done to the caster by 50%
        • Reduces physical, mental and disease damage done to the caster by 75%
        • Reduces elemental, divine and poison damage done to the caster by 200%