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<!-- replace the numbers with the amnounts of Plat (1), Gold (2), Silver (3) and Copper (4) -->
<!-- replace the numbers with the amnounts of Plat (1), Gold (2), Silver (3) and Copper (4) -->
*at least {{Coin|||1|51}}
*at least {{Coin|||1|51}}
*Achievement XP
*{{Item|white striped bear skin boots}}
*{{Item|white striped bear skin boots}}

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Antonica Timeline [edit]
Meet the Green Hoods
1. A Frontierslady's Task
2. Battle with the Timberclaws
Sayer's Outfitters
Sighard Sayer
1. Delivery From Sayer's Outfitters
2. Vengeance for Marlea Sayer
Matsy Rollingpin
1. Achoo! Antonican Pepper
2. Blub Blub Something Smells Fishy
3. Killing With Kindness
4. Care Package for Blarton
5. Spicy Meat Pie
6. Mail Delivery for Matsy
Haddek Vimki
1. Running Out Of Beer
2. Ouch! My Head
3. Rise and Shine Wine
4. Practical Joke on Blarton
Landwyn Velamir
1. Under a Shady Tree
2. A Bow for a Beauty
3. She Will Be A Shining Petal
4. Peppermints and Potions
5. Song to Prexus
Tanen Danos
1. The Whereabouts of Clan McMarrin
The Keep of the Ardent Needle
1. Letter to Riason
Windstalker Village
Blarton Blumble
1. Lucky Lure
2. Fishing Hole Hunt
3. The One That Got Away
4. Fishing For Bait
1. Sparkly or Nothing
2. A New Dress, NOW!
3. Licha, Dancing Queen
4. She Has Ribbons In Her Hair
Hartok Woolyman
1. Patchwork Rugs
2. Door to Door Delivery
3. Attack of the Killer Bear
Riason Hanagom
1. A Rediscovered Shrine?
Evernight Cemetary
1. Scrawlings in the Dark
2. The Trials of Sir Morgan
3. The Hidden Riddle
4. Whispers of Fortune
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Antonica
Journal Level 20 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Antonica more
How to Start Speak to Hartok Woolyman, in Windstalker Village ( -1870,-560 )
part of: Antonica Timeline
Preceded by:
Door to Door Delivery
Followed by:

What does this information mean?


  1. Enter the solo instance Shattered Vale, located in Antonica at (-2340, -60).
  2. Complete the ring event at the druid ring by doing the following:
    1. Slay the Black Magi visionaries (level 17) surrounding the druid ring
    2. Slay the Black Magi elders (level 19) standing within the druid ring
    3. Slay the Portal Abomination (level 20) that spawns in the center of the druid ring.
  3. A minute or two after you complete the ring event, A Windstalker Grizzly will spawn and begin roaming slowly around the zone. (level 18) Slay him to advance the quest.
  4. Return to Hartok to receive your reward.


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