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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Shimmering Citadel  (AA)
Journal Level 55 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Shimmering Citadel more
How to Start Speak to Scriptorium Assistant Amro ( 221, 224, -48 ) /waypoint 221, 224, -48 on the top floor of the Scriptorium.
part of: Shimmering Citadel Timeline
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Visit the Scriptorium
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  1. Collect the following items (Auto-Updates):
    • A haunch of succulent flesh from killing The Meatbeast ( 78, 147, -111 ) /waypoint 78, 147, -111 just outside the library in the grassy area to the left of The Caretaker.
    • A golden pile of coins, gathered from 'a large chest' which randomly spawns on the second or third floor of either the north, south, or east tower. Appears on track harvestable ability.
      • NOTE:The chest will despawn after you pick it up. You will need to find one for each groupmember. It also shows up on harvestable tracking so if it isn't on track you can save your trip up the tower.
    • Nelo's Tome of Finite Wisdom from killing Nelo's Tome of Finite Wisdom ( 222, 224, -65 ) /waypoint 222, 224, -65 on the top floor of the West tower.
  2. Try to convince Scriptorium Keeper Samir ( 214, 185, -41 ) /waypoint 214, 185, -41 to leave...
  3. Speak to Scriptorium Assistant Amro.
  4. Speak to Scriptorium Keeper Samir again and try to confound him with a riddle.
  5. Return to Scriptorium Assistant Amro for your reward.


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