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Obtaining/Changing Your Ascension Class[]

Unlocking an Ascension[]

Originally, players had to unlock an Ascension class by completing Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Realized or use the The Essential Kunark Guide to be able to speak to the following Ascension masters:

Changing Your Ascension Class[]

Changing Ascension Classes is as simple as going to the appropriate Ascension master and picking up the class. All of the progress made on your current Ascension class is saved, and you will pick up right where you left off when you return to that class. Any Ascension abilities you have earned will remain in the Ascension tab in your spell book, though you will not be able to access those abilities until you return to the matching Ascension class.

Other Ascension Trainers[]

Using the Panda Quest Rewards to obtain Ascension Levels up to 20[]

Instead of the original method of obtaining and leveling each Ascension, it is now possible to travel to The Sundered Frontier and complete The "Travels" of Yun Zi Timeline through at least Days of Summer: 2020. This allows you to obtain the Ascension Mastery Primer from Pas Yu. Close Pas Yu's merchant window, use the Primer, then speak to Pas Yu and get another copy, use it again to update another Ascension, until all four are level 20.

Renewal of Ro to obtain Ascension Levels up to 25[]

The Renewal of Ro Timeline rewards with "Ascension Boost" up to level 25.

The 4 Ascension classes[]

All 26 Adventure Classes can obtain all 4 Ascension classes, once they are level 100.

Ascension classes are the apotheosis of a facet of energy, and are the gateway to ascended power.

  • Elementalist: Wielders of the opposing forces of fire and ice, Elementalists have the power to rain down destruction or degrade the defenses of an opponent. Initiates of this class convert ability damage to cold.
  • Etherealist: Masters of arcane and planar energies. Etherealists deal with the manipulation of ambient or latent magical power. Etherealists convert ability damage to magic.
  • Geomancer: Sometimes the most effective form of persuasion is the application of brute power. Geomancers are able to bring literally staggering force down on an opponent. These juggernauts convert ability damage into crushing.
  • Thaumaturgist: Most things have some form of life energy, and Thaumaturgists are able to manipulate and control that energy, twisting or bolstering it to meet their needs. Blood Mages convert ability damage to disease.


Ascension leveling happens automatically as you complete quests, missions or public quests. You will be able to gain Ascension XP once you have unlocked an Ascension class by speaking to one of the Ascension trainers in Obulus Frontier, the Coliseum of Valor, Myrist, the Great Libraryor in The Blinding.

  • You can also use a Celestial Ascension [15] scroll to instantly increase any ascension class by 1 level (or more) at any time (Ascension level 15 max). They are awarded from completing quests for the 3 factions in the Plane of Magic.

Ascension Synergies (Combos)[]

Every Ascension ability has a synergy Ascension ability of another class. If both of these abilities are applied within a short duration to the same target, an extra effect will be applied based off of the ability that finished the combo.
For more information please see Ascension Combos

Ascension Spells[]

The Ascension Spells are in the "Ascension" Tab of the Knowledge book.
The Apprentice Version of Ascension spells is given when you initially choose an Ascension class, and when you gain a new level in an Ascension.

Upgrades of Ascension spells can be crafted or researched. The following tradeskill classes can craft Ascension spells:

Kunark Ascending Recipe books can be purchased from Scribbleclaw in Obulus Frontier at ( 77, -165, -722 ) Copy in Twark

Chaos Descending Recipe books

  • "Normal Books" can be purchased from Recipe Book Merchants
  • "Advanced Books"

Ascension Forms[]

Each Ascension class grants the character the ability to shift into an avatar of that Ascension, converting all damage done from any ability that does not deal damage based on your weapon's damage type. This conversion will also convert most pet and dumbfire pet damage.

  • If a Combat Art says it deals Melee Damage then it is affected by your weapon damage and will not change its damage type while in Ascension form.

The Ability is found on the "Ascension" tab in your Knowledge book.

Ascension Spell Tiers[]

A sage can make all of the upgrade scrolls for all ascension classes. The required recipe books are for sale on the crafting trainer in Myrist, The Great Library, from Elmelar Stilltree in the Crafter's Gallery. She will sell you the books after you have completed the third quest in the Chaos Descending crafting timeline. These recipes require Planar Energy as fuel. Scribing an ascension spell will require you to possess the previous tier of knowledge! For example to scribe an "Adept" you will need to already possess the "Journeyman" spell knowledge. All but Apprentice and Celestial tiers of ascension spells can be learned via research.

The following materials are needed:

  1. Apprentice: Automatically awarded when you first take an Ascension or gain enough Ascension XP to achieve the next level.
  2. Journeyman: Crafted with common raws or researched.
  3. Adept: Crafted with a illegible scroll or researched and ONLY by a Sage
  4. Expert: Crafted with 2 Casiun Root or researched.
  5. Master: Crafted with a Master scroll or researched.
  6. Grandmaster: Crafted with a Celestial Foundation or Celestial Spellshard or researched.
  7. Ancient: Crafted with a Ancient scroll or researched.
  8. Celestial: Crafted

The crafting requirements listed above are based on the Chaos Descending recipe books


There are some "special" Adorns out there that can benefit Ascension classes:

At the completion of the Time Is Short subquest for the Kunark Ascending Crafting Timeline, the crafter will receive two purple adornment recipes. One of these recipes will be only craftable by their crafting class, the other is a recipe that is shared with their entire subclass (Craftsman, Outfitter, Scholar).

The recipes need to be crafted on the Forge of Brell (or the house item version of it), and requires

  • a Blank Luclinite Rune
  • 3 thalumbral root
  • 3 umbrite
  • 3 bornite nodule
  • 5 fuel (Thaumic Coal or thaumic incense and so on)

The runes and the purple adorns are fully tradeable, and the recipe can be commissioned.

Quick Reference List of Recipes[]

Adornment Sets[]

Aspect of Paixao[]

  1. 26% potency
  2. 28% mitigation
  3. 4 Fervor

Set is made up of:

Aspect of Zou Kunnen[]

  1. 26% potency
  2. +25,000 power
  3. Applies Ascension of Magic: Increases damage of Frozen Heavens (Elementalist level9), Implosion (Etherealist level 8), Terrestrial Coffin (Geomancer level 4), Virulent Outbreak (Thaumaturgist level 6) by 4%

Set is made up of:

Aspect of Aniquilacion[]

  1. 26% potency
  2. +100,000 ability modifier
  3. Applies Ascension of Destruction: Adds fire damage to Tainted Mutation (Thaumaturgist level 9), Granite Protector (Geomancer level 10) and Ethermancy (Etherealist level 10)

Set is made up of:

Aspect of Pingyuan Diqu[]

  1. 26% potency
  2. applies Firmament of Growth: Increases the window of opportunity for another to trigger a combo effect from your ascension abilities
  3. 25% max health, +250k health

Set includes:


Reward for Mastering an Ascension Class[]

When you reach level 10 in a Ascension class you will get rewarded with an Achievement depending on the Ascension Class:

Reward for Mastering all Ascension Classes[]

When you reach level 10 with all 4 Ascension classes you will be rewarded with the Achievement The Ascended, which grants

  • Tome of the Ascended - Mythical Prestige Charm item with 2621 potency, 10 Fervor, 15 Fervor overcap that reduces the recast time of all Ascension abilities by 20% and a clicky ability that increases the ascension damage by 20% for 5mins, with 4hours recast
  • Suffix Title: the Ascended


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