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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Kunark Ascending
Level Range 100
Zone in from Thalumbra, the Ever Deep
Entrance is at

at ( -62, 15, 160 ) /waypoint -62, 15, 160

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 1h30min - 3days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

NOTE: If you want to do the timed quest that requires you to find all the scrolls and books and return them, it's easier if you have the EQ2MAP mod available free from EQ2interface.com, it will show the locations of all the items you need, making it easier to gather them.

  • Clear the constructs in the central circular room.
  • 2nd door from the entrance to the right (while facing the statue) goes forward... clear the courtyard of skeletons, and proceed through the doors, and through the doors ahead again into a library room. Boss 1 (Protector of Arcanna'se) is there.
  • Head back to the previous room (don't pick up books/scrolls yet). The third door from here goes to a long curved corridor.
  • Now you have a choice, if you want to do the timed quest, clear half of this corridor and enter the side room, clear those mobs as well, then click the displays (6 of them). Then click the center display, and two of the 4 mobs you need will spawn.
    • If you don't want to do the timed quest, then just clear the corridor, and head out the other end to a small room where Boss 2 (Tabor'Zaai) awaits.
  • (timed quest continued) Clear the second half of the corridor, and head to the second side room, repeat the process, clear mobs, click 6 displays, clear mobs, click center display, two more needed mobs appear. Timed quest complete.
  • In the room at the far end of the corridor is Boss 2 (Tabor'Zaai) with adds.
  • Head back out to the courtyard, Boss 3 (Naamah'Fah) is out there, no adds if you cleared skellys already.
  • Back inside, another long corridor, if you are going to do the timed quest with books/scrolls, then clear these and the side room, otherwise, run to the other end, and turn R at the T intersection, straight for the far end of another library. Boss 4, (Iacopa'Lahah) with pet is near the podium.
  • Exit the library, walk straight down the corridor until the other end, possibly some skeletons are there.
  • Through the door is the End Boss (Xerxes'Kade) .
  • Now you can gather shiny's, and do the books/scrolls timed quest in peace.

Rare drops:

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