The apprentice when placed in a house.

Apprentice Elder Yelnar is a tradeskill apprentice

In order to research the recipes this apprentice offers, the crafter must be at least level 90 or above.

About YelnarEdit

The quest to obtain this tradeskill apprentice is Etch the Stone, which is part of a raid instance. It difficult for non-raiders to obtain.

The stone to access this apprentice is tradeable and can be found on the broker on rare occasions, but it typically sells for a hefty sum.

  • Yelnar's Teleportation Stone is the actual item used to place the apprentice. While the prism is tradeable, the teleportation stone is not, because the stone is the actual no-trade apprentice!
  • Should you pick it up to move it you can find it in your inventory, Yelnar's Teleportation Stone is a bright blue bubble icon.
  • This tradeskill apprentice has a few recipes for furniture items with high Rent Status Reduction, making them highly desirable.
  • Unlike the standard tradeskill apprentices, you can not coach this apprentice or complete tasks to speed up the research process. The process for these recipes is (typically) much longer than those found on standard tradeskill apprentices.


The recipes one can research is dependent on your general crafting class, rather than your (final) crafting class.

Craftsman ItemsEdit

Craftsmen (Carpenters, Provisioners, Woodworkers) can research recipes for the following Draconic Knowledge items:

Outfitter ItemsEdit

Outfitters (Armorer, Tailor, Wepaonsmiths) can research recipes for the following Draconic Knowledge items:

Scholar ItemsEdit

Scholars (Alchemist, Jeweler, Sage) can research recipe Draconic Knowledge items:

Similar ApprenticeEdit

The common apprentices do not have any recipes for furniture items, so those who decorate extensively, may want to obtain Apprentice Overknight Deshniak.

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