Character Window Appearance Tab

The Appearance tab of the Character window.

Character Window Mounts Tab

Choose a mount for its look using the Appearance slot in the Mounts tab of the Character window.

With LU38 came something EQ2 players had clamored for; you can create your character's look with NO regard to stats or mitigation, using appearance slots in your Character Sheet! This allows you to mix and match any armor, weapons, shields, and various gear you choose, provided it is at or below your level and suitable for your class and/or the armor type your class can equip (eg. some gear in-game is class-only for monks, mages can't wear chain aromor etc).

Items placed in the Appearance tab's slots have NO affect on anything except your appearance, though you also must attune some equipment to wear it.

To access and equip items in the appearance slots:

  1. Press C to open the Character window
  2. Click on the Appearance Tab
  3. Drag the desired item from your bag (inventory) to the appropriate slot.
In addition to appearance gear, mounts can be equipped in appearance slots; to do so, look for the Mount tab in the Character window and drop a mount of the same type (ground-type to replace ground, flying-type for flying) in the appearance slot provided there.

Since the introduction of the appearance slots, several items have been added to the game to give the look of bare arms, hands, feet, chests on male characters, etc. All have "Imperceptible Beauty" in their names and they can be purchased with City Tokens each month during the City Festivals from the 1st - 7th. Some, but not all appearance gear, sold on the Marketplace includes Imperceptible Beauty pieces as well. The Marketplace sets that include such items are typically found in Appearance Armor category within the Casual Clothes section (eg. Northweave Black Clothing Crate).

The items that make up the Imperceptible Beauty Set will display bare skin, with a few exceptions. Equipping the Breastplate of Imperceptible Beauty will make the ragged "underwear" top show instead on female characters. Equipping the Loincloth of Imperceptible Beauty has a similar effect on both male and female characters, showing the lower half of the default "underwear" (essentially a ragged pants look for males or a ragged skirt for females).

If you're anxious to get bare before the next City Festival (every month from the 1st - 7th), there are other gear pieces in the game that display as bare skin too.

Slot Item Notes
Head (none required) Use the "Hide Head Cover" option on your persona window.
Chest (none available) Male monks can use a Gi to go bare chested. Other male classes must remove their chest armor from both the "equipment" and the "appearance" page of their inventory. Males using SOGA graphics may be able to use Talvus Linked Tunic to bare their chest, however it won't work for people using the normal models.
Shoulder Pristine Tailored Rough Linen Shawl
Tranquil Threadbare Shawl (level 1)
These will make the shoulders bare, but not the forearms.
Forearms Pristine Tranquil Sackcloth Cuffs There have been reports of lower level tailored bracers also having no appearance.
Hands Faded Wraps
or Golden Wraps
Although wearable by most classes, they are only obtainable by monk/bruiser.
Hands Rainsoaked Wrist These hide the forearm and hand slot items. Dropped by Thunderclap in Tenebrous Tangle (a small cold snap is his PH).
Hands Reet Warrior's Shoulderguards
Sweat-soaked Shoulderpads
Concentrated Chi Epaulets
These hide the forearm and hand slot items but display a tightly fitted ornamental sleeve instead. Not truly bare arms, but the hands are displayed instead of gloves.
Legs Abyssal Vanguard Leather Pants Wearing those will remove any clothing for beast races (i.e. Kerra), but will keep underwear for others.
Feet Tunare's Earthwalkers A raid drop from Emerald Halls (mistress of the veil), hides your boots.
Feet Cured Leather Sandals These can only be worn by monk/bruiser.
Feet (formal dresses/garb)
Opulent Female Gold Skirt
Many of the formal dresses/outfits will display bare feet, but this means you won't get a pants-with-bare-feet look. Incidentally, to get a pants-with-bare-feet look, combine the opulent female gold skirt with Tradesman's Tunic (it's not great, but it's a start).
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