Aothis Warmbreeze

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose City Merchant
Race Wood Elf
Zone Greater Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location Kelethin, inside of the Kelethin First Regional Bank280, 107, 171 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

Item Price
A bag of random status items 1p 32,500 status
a desktop mirror 12s 4c 670 status
a gnomish distillery 3g 28s 98c 17,937 status
a granite pedestal 1g 11s 73c 6,109 status
a harp of jealousy 29g 40s 43c 164,117 status
a pool of divinity 29g 9s 76c 166,764 status
a ruubika's cryptic cube 12s 5c 687 status
a steamfont distillery 3g 27s 11c 17,807 status
a torch 72c
Advance of the Rime 2p 1g 60s 923,187 status
Alberich the Wise 2,100p 300,000,000 status
an anomalous vase 1g 7s 6,041 status
an elddar cooking stove 28g 99s 80c 165,740 status
an ornate basin 36s 94c 2,071 status
Bastion of Faith 18p 66g 24s 1c 7,500,000 status
Cataloguing Vesspyr: Agents of Scale 6p 37,000,000 status
Cataloguing Vesspyr: Harrowing Horde 6p 37,000,000 status
Cataloguing Vesspyr: Rage Infused 6p 37,000,000 status
Children of Thunder 2g 20s 80c 12,117 status
Daughter of the Void 9g 88s 18c 55,648 status
Destroyer of Ordanach 9g 76s 33c 55,385 status
Disciple of Bayle 18p 66g 24s 1c 7,500,000 status
dragon fastened robe 2g 89s 66c 15,722 status
Draught of Clear Sight 25g 19s 42c 275,000 status
Elaborate Chemistry Table 87g 44s 80c 492,805 status
Elaborate Dragon Statue 8p 40g 7,020,100 status
Elaborate Engraved Desk 87g 44s 80c 492,805 status
Elaborate Forge 87g 44s 80c 492,805 status
Elaborate Pedestal 87g 44s 80c 492,805 status
Elaborate Sewing Table & Mannequin 87g 44s 80c 492,805 status
Elaborate Stove & Keg 87g 44s 80c 492,805 status
Elaborate Woodworking Table 87g 44s 80c 492,805 status
Elaborate Work Bench 87g 44s 80c 492,805 status
Exodus of the Knights Marr 9g 95s 81c 53,538 status
exquisite woven boots 11s 87c 658 status
exquisite woven pants 24s 53c 1,313 status
exquisite woven shoulder pads 11s 72c 667 status
exquisite woven tunic 47s 83c 2,604 status
exquisitely stitched robe 1g 92s 38c 10,624 status
female formal ensemble 30g 67s 49c 169,886 status
female tradesman boots 5s 87c 330 status
female tradesman gloves 5s 90c 341 status
female tradesman pants 11s 71c 653 status
female tradesman tunic 24s 13c 1,363 status
Freeport by Hasten Bootstrutter 87g 49s 19c 492,932 status
Frostfang Guard 1p 53g 14s 72c 834,961 status
Frostfang Hunter 1p 53g 14s 72c 834,961 status
Frostfang Pilgrim 1p 53g 14s 72c 834,961 status
Gnoma Obscura 2g 17s 45c 12,283 status
Gnomish Dreams 9g 81s 88c 54,442 status
Halasian Champion 1p 53g 14s 72c 834,961 status
Halasian Explorer 1p 53g 14s 72c 834,961 status
Halasian Halasian Hero 1p 53g 14s 72c 834,961 status
Halasian Pioneer 1p 53g 14s 72c 834,961 status
Her Royal Highness, Queen Higgbee 1g 20s 11,866 status
Legacy of Kurn 2p 1g 60s 923,187 status
Leviathan Unbound 1g 20s 12,093 status
luminous vanguard barbute 2g 12s 51c 12,218 status
luminous vanguard cuirass 3g 57s 74c 19,567 status
luminous vanguard gauntlets 72s 17c 4,048 status
luminous vanguard greaves 2g 87s 94c 16,330 status
luminous vanguard gussets 70s 93c 4,033 status
luminous vanguard sabatons 72g 24s 4,099 status
luminous vanguard spaulders 70g 66s 3,948 status
Magic Door to the Guild Hall 30g 100,000 status
male formal wear 30g 67s 49c 169,886 status
male tradesman boots 5s 87c 330 status
male tradesman gloves 5s 90c 341 status
male tradesman pants 11s 71c 653 status
male tradesman tunic 24s 13c 1,363 status
Mithaniel Marr 120p 5c 37,000,000 status
Nagafen Lord of Flame 9g 97s 48c 54,312 status
Norrathian Express Box 12g 29s 74c 68,127 status
opulent female gold blouse 7g 51s 13c 43,508 status
opulent female gold skirt 3g 74s 66c 21,668 status
opulent male gold pantaloons 3g 74s 66c 21,668 status
opulent male gold shirt 7g 51s 13c 43,508 status
polished parade barbute 2g 14s 99c 12,295 status
polished parade cuirass 3g 66s 68c 19,601 status
polished parade gauntlets 73s 38c 3,901 status
polished parade greaves 2g 89s 74c 15,721 status
polished parade gussets 70s 26c 4,070 status
polished parade sabatons 70s 25c 3,970 status
polished parade spaulders 73s 26c 4,005 status
Qeynos by Hasten Bootstrutter 88g 23s 97c 482,867 status
Rabid Wolf of the North 1p 53g 14s 72c 834,961 status
Remains of Honor 2g 17s 16c 12,225 status
Rivervale Remembered 2g 17s 87c 12,249 status
Rodcet Nife 120p 5c 37,000,000 status
Servant of the Storm 2g 13s 31c 12,094 status
Shattered Dawn 2p 1g 60s 923,187 status
Siege of Gukta 2g 14s 50c 12,296 status
Simple Chemistry Table 1g 11s 64c 6,125 status
Simple Engraved Desk 1g 11s 64c 6,125 status
Simple Forge 1g 11s 64c 6,125 status
Simple Sewing Table & Mannequin 1g 11s 64c 6,125 status
Simple Stove & Keg 1g 11s 64c 6,125 status
Simple Woodworking Table 1g 11s 64c 6,125 status
Simple Work Bench 1g 11s 64c 6,125 status
Statue of Trakanon 6p 5,490,100 status
striking woven boots 12s 7c 660 status
striking woven pants 23s 92c 1,310 status
striking woven shoulder pads 46s 656 status
striking woven tunic 1g 20s 2,682 status
Sullon Zek 120p 5c 37,000,000 status
Sylvan Triptych 2g 22s 72c 12,104 status
Tallon Zek 120p 5c 37,000,000 status
The Party Ends 9g 84s 16c 54,675 status
Traitor's Insult 2g 23s 4c 12,382 status
Tunare 120p 5c 37,000,000 status
Ulteran Cartographer 3p 60g 3,862,150 status
Vallon Zek 120p 5c 37,000,000 status
Velious Mourns 9g 62s 23c 55,028 status
Venekor's Reign 2p 1g 60s 923,187 status
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