Qeynos Rulers
1. Vallius Bayle
2. Antonius Bayle I
3. Antonius Bayle II
4. Antonius Bayle III
5. Antonius Bayle IV
6. Anton and Antea Bayle
7. Antonius Bayle V
8. Antonius Bayle VI
9. Antonius Bayle VII
10. The Circle of Five
11. Antonia Bayle

Appellation: The Great Sage

Forebear: Anton Bayle

Progeny: Antonius Bayle VI

Time of Rule: The Age of War to The Age of Cataclysms

History: Antonius the Fifth is considered the most scholarly and wise ruler of Qeynos. He was the child of Anton Bayle and his lover, a hand maiden to Antea Bayle. He was the youngest ruler of Qeynos, having been reluctantly crowned during adolescence after the mysterious murder and suicide of his father and mother, respectively. In his early years, he ruled with the guidance of The Circle of Five. He attended schools of science, art, and magic for most of his youth. The Rending occurred during his rule and only through his wisdom and knowledge were many Antonicans saved from utter destruction. Consequently, he is remembered favorably, a significant departure from the almost despotic reputation of his cavalier if tragic parents.

He wrote in his journal, "We will rise above whatever challenges we face. Humanity's greatest strength is our ability to adapt and overcome."


In The Varsoon Collection, Volume 5 - The War of Plagues (House Item), it is stated that The War of Plagues occurred during the reign of Antonius V. This is known to be a falsehood; The War of Plagues occurred during the reign of Antonius Bayle IV.


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