Qeynos Rulers
1. Vallius Bayle
2. Antonius Bayle I
3. Antonius Bayle II
4. Antonius Bayle III
5. Antonius Bayle IV
6. Anton and Antea Bayle
7. Antonius Bayle V
8. Antonius Bayle VI
9. Antonius Bayle VII
10. The Circle of Five
11. Antonia Bayle

Appellation: The Great Unifier

Forbear: Vallius Bayle

Progeny: Antonius Bayle II

Time of Rule: The Lost Age

History: Antonius Bayle the First, born in 2860[1], was the founder of Qeynos, having incorporated law in the Plains of Karana region of the village of Oceangreen on the Coldwind Coastline. He did so at the age of 25, the time he began his rule.

Qeynos was officially founded as a City in 2890.

He is the namesake of the continent of Antonica, previously named Tunaria, and the smaller tectonic plate fragment that we know today as Antonica. For his establishment of law and order in the greater region, he is remembered as "The Great Unifier."


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