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Levels 10-20
Behold Antonica, the splendor of Qeynos
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
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via Ulteran Spire:

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Harvesting Tier 2
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Antonica with Northern Qeynos Tower, Keep of the Ardent Needle and The Tower of the Oracles in the background.

Large trees and overbearing mountains loom over the fledgling adventurer.

Once known as the Qeynos Hills, this pleasant countryside region has since been renamed New Antonica or simply Antonica. It is named after the continent that the Shattered Lands comprised to create when they were one. Antonica is part of the bastion (stronghold) of the Kingdom of Qeynos. This is a fertile land of pastures and grass-covered hills and dales. Large hills embrace the valley that makes up most of Antonican countryside. The lush land has a highland coastline along the west. Spots of groves can be found in numerous gullies, hiding many small ponds. This region is dominated in many areas by mild woodland and rolling hills. Spots of colorful flowers can be found amidst the lush greenery.

Antonica was once a great battlefield during the War of Plagues. It is not uncommon to find the remnants of the plagued undead army that once held the city of Qeynos under siege for many months. Nearly every point of interest played a part or tells a story of a battle or important event that took place during the War of Plagues.


The landmass on which Antonica lays has been called many names throughout history, but it owes its current name to Antonius Bayle I, the Great Unifier, the founder of The City of Qeynos and ancestor of the current ruler of Qeynos, Antonia Bayle.


The history of Antonica is entwined in perpetuity with the Bayle lineage. Whether through malice or good intention, ever since Bayle the Ethernaut the land of Antonica has been defended by a Bayle. Antonius I, the son of Vallius Bayle, son of Bayle the Ethernaut, was born in Oceangreen, the settlement on which modern day Qeynos resides. When he came of age he embraced destiny and began his famed unification of the outlying human communities into a unified force. Through strength of will, Antonius I transformed Oceangreen into Qeynos and began to expand the kingdom across the continent.

At this time the land currently known as Antonica was merely a part of a much larger landmass known to the other races of Norrath by its elven name: Tunaria. But as the power of Qeynos and the Bayles grew, as did their fame. Soon the area surrounding Qeynos began to be referred to as the Qeynos Hills, or as Antonius Bayle II preferred: Antonica. Alas, conflict and war would stunt the further conquest of the Qeynosian empire and the Bayles' expansion was ground to halt.

Then, during the reign of Antonius Bayle V, The Age of Cataclyms occurred, leading to the eventual shattering of Tunaria into separate continents. The western continent containing the Qeynos Hills fractured and either due to the simplicity of it's name or the synonymy of the Bayles and the land in which they came to represent, unanimously came to be known as: Antonica.


Claymore Monument

The City of Qeynos

The Tower of the Oracles

Archer's Wood

Ruins of Caltorsis


Map antonica.jpg


The main sources of transport across Antonica are the Griffin Towers that dot the landscape as well as the renowned Qeynos Highway, which offers a direct route between all the main commercial and quest centers.

The zone Mariner's Bell is at ( 442, -37, 822 ) Copy


To refer to Qeynos as a town is like to refer to a lion as a cat. The magnanimous city of Qeynos is located at the west end of the zone. Direct bridge connections lead from Antonica into Qeynos Capitol District at either North Qeynos or South Qeynos. Evil-aligned players can enter The Peat Bog, a bordering zone of Qeynos, via the moat on the city's perimeter.

Adjacent Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
The City of Qeynos N/A West North Qeynos: ( 183, -21, -22 ) Copy
South Qeynos: ( 420, -21, 307 ) Copy
The Thundering Steppes 20-30 Southeast via Thundering Gorge at ( -2322, 57, 978 ) Copy
Tenebrous Tangle 55-62 Above (in the Overrealm) Ulteran Spires (Ant) at ( -2066, 12, -614 ) Copy


Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Location Questline
Blackburrow 10-20 Group Public -1465, -3, 870 ) Copy
-1242, -9, 943 ) Copy
-1111, -33, 1061 ) Copy
Blackburrow Timeline
Stormhold 16-27 Group Public Front Gate: ( 2362, -16, 202 ) Copy
Stormhold Keep Library: ( -2482, -40, -234 ) Copy
Stormhold Timeline


Instance Name Level Range Target Audience Location
The Condemned Catacomb 25-30 Group -1141, -24, -1051 ) Copy
Firemyst Gully 15-22 Group -1200, -12, 709 ) Copy
Shattered Vale/Invasion of the Vale 16-20/
Group -2335, 8, -69 ) Copy


See the Antonica Timeline

Similar Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
Greater Faydark 1-20 Faydwer Good-alignment
Frostfang Sea 1-20 Shattered Lands Good-alignment
Timorous Deep 1-20 Faydwer Evil-alignment
Darklight Wood 1-20 Shattered Lands Evil-alignment
The Commonlands 10-20 Shattered Lands Evil-alignment; counterpart to Antonica