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*[[User:SpelcheK|Grumio Murkysoul]]
*[[User:SpelcheK|Grumio Murkysoul]]
*[[User:Shadow125787|Laxir Nightwing]]
*[[User:Shadow125787|Laxir Nightwing]]
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EverQuest II Server Information
Server Antonia Bayle Created Nov 6, 2004
Lang Server en Type Server RP

Antonia Bayle is an RP Preferred server, named after Queen Antonia Bayle of Qeynos. It also happens to have one of the larger server populations which attracts people in itself. If interested in the roleplaying, try hanging out in the taverns in town and you should meet others interested in more active roleplaying. You can also check out the official Antonia Bayle server forum(They kinda killed the server forum now - you can't post there, anyone know of a forum for AB somewhere else? Apparently they don't want us communicating anymore) for social events being hosted by one of the roleplaying-focused guilds.

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