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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Barren Sky  (AA)
Journal Level 64 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Barren Sky more
How to Start Speak to Frigui Togginscog in the Barren Sky on the Isle of Desolation ( 506, 301, -558 ) /waypoint 506, 301, -558
part of: Cloud Mount Timeline
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In Search of a Bot
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Third Bot is the Charm

What does this information mean?


  1. Go to Strifewind Isle. This is NOT the same Treasury of Claw as the Isle of Desolation.
  2. Nagnag is only 64^ but her babies, who she will call to help her, are 64vv heroic encounters. Take some help, or kill them first.
  3. There is NOT a wall that you can run and jump on near Nagnag (to make the mobs from the hall drop off you as you can in Treasury of Claw on the Isle of Desolation so either kill as you move toward her room or expect a lot of mobs on you once you reach her room.
  4. The icon for Grandaddy Strifewing on the current map (as of 05/09/2010) is in the incorrect location, he is actually on the opposite (West) side of the room from where he is indicated (East side) as being.


  1. Enter the Strifewind Isle, Treasury of Claw ( -59, -7, -552 ) /waypoint -59, -7, -552. Head east and kill Nagnag Strifewing (64^) to open the doorway to the room next door. (Newly opened doorway is back out in the main hallway.) Climb up the wall and kill Granddaddy Strifewing (64^) in one of the four rooms, for example, ( -170, 111, 3 ) /waypoint -169.61, 110.89, 3.05 and then pick up the bot.
  2. Return to Frigui on the Isle of Desolation.

Rewards Edit

  • A class specific forearms armor set piece:
Fighter Armor Scout Armor
Berserker Gussets of Berserk Rage Assassin Darkstrike Bracers
Bruiser Wristguards of Marring Brigand Bracers of the Overcloud
Guardian Gussets of the Rampart Dirge Bracers of the Bombast
Monk Wristguards of Symmetry Ranger Bracers of the Gamut
Paladin Gussets of the Angelic Soul Swashbuckler Bracers of the Vortex
Shadowknight Gussets of the Somber Champion Troubador Bracers of Acute Pitch
Beastlord Bracer of the Natural

Mage Armor Priest Armor
Coercer Cuffs of the Zenith Defiler Wristguards of Caustic Gore
Conjuror Cuffs of Runed Silk Fury Wristguards of Frenzied View
Illusionist Cuffs of Illumination Inquisitor Regal Bracers of Reprimand
Necromancer Cuffs of Systematic Blight Mystic Wristguards of the Unseen Magics
Warlock Cuffs of Jarring Impact Templar Bracers of Requisition
Wizard Cuffs of the Concussive Warden Wristguards of the Thicket
Channeler Wristguards of Channeled Magics
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