Strategy 1

Have the Tank, melee DPS, and Healer(s) stand on one pillar, and put the ranged DPS on the other. If the healer has enough range, put him with the ranged DPS. The tank can agrro and burn him down. The difficulty in this strategy lies in the knockbacks. Although the knockback will only affect people on the Tank pillar, it can still be deadly.

-Irones of <They Grey Council> on Kithicor

Strategy 2

Possibly an exploit, but I'm not sure. You can jump from one of the pillars onto the wall behind the named. from there, back yourself into a corner and tank the mob up there. Healers and ranged DPS can stand on the near pillar to avoid any AoEs the mob has. I recommend this strategy over strategy 1.

-Irones of <They Grey Council> on Kithicor

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