Alzid Prime

Alzid Prime

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm (Kingdom of Sky)
Race Droag
Level 74▲▲▲ Tier 8 Epic x4 , (Approx. HP: 3.9 million)
Location ( 197, -133, 373 ) /waypoint 197, -133, 373 Eq2map
Reported Drops
AA Exp Yes
Status Points none

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Alzid Prime spawns with Lord Vyemm in the last room in the The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm. Both Vyemm and Prime are two separate encounters, and can be fought separately if so desired. There are many methods for splitting them up. Alternatively you can fight them both at the same time.

If you choose to fight them both, you must kill Vyemm first. Alzid Prime will heal himself when he reaches 13% health, back up to 33% health, as long as Vyemm is still alive. Once Vyemm is dead, Prime is very easy. Straight dps fight, no tricks, so special attacks. He can go down in under a minute with enough dps.

Alternatively, if you choose to fight them one at a time, an effective but unconventional strategy is to kill Alzid first. Have the whole raid at the very top of the steps that lead to Vyemm's lair. Send a class capable of feign death down to spawn Vyemm. Feign death then get a conjuror to cast call of the hero. Then move the whole raid (except the main tank) to the bottom step. The tank stands on the small ledge on the left hand side, just in front of the raid. Have a mage pet pull Vyemm and then run like crazy up the steps until he resets. The tank can then pull Alzid Prime and he can be killed in a minute or so. Alzid will not heal himself at 13% if this method is used. It can take some practice to perfect and will not work if anybody apart from the main tank leaves the bottom step until Vyemm resets and the main tank gets aggro from Alzid.

Alzid is the "feet mob." He drops the feet armor for the Doomrage, Dracomancer, Nemesis, etc armor sets. He also has other pieces in his loot table, but they are generally worthless.

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