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Altars are places of worship for the recently returned Gods. Altars allow you "pray" to a deity and give them offerings in return for a specialized type of faction called "favor." You receive large chunks of favor by completing the progressive devotion quests, but you may also tithe items at your altar to gain small amounts of favor with your god. Current (unconfirmed) theories suggest that when enough followers of a deity pray at their altars and obtain the highest favor possible, deities will send Avatars to Norrath for a short time.

Favor can be spent on Blessings and Miracles, which provide temporary special abilities granted by your deity. Obtaining a better altar will allow you to purchase these special abilities at a discount. Despite reports to the contrary, you can have as many altars in your house as you have space for. However, you can only use the altars of your current god. You can worship at any altar of your god placed in someone's house. Seek out Deity Historians for locations of Prophets if you currently do not worship a deity and wish to become a follower of one.

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Obtaining Deity Altars, and their differences
Altar Quality Obtained Favor DiscountFirst Blessing CostFirst Miracle Cost
Humble Altar of * quest reward from 1st Deity Quest 0%7501125
Altar of * purchased from Deity Historian for 9g 8%6901035
Crafted Altar of * Carpenter-crafted using a level 35 recipe from Deity Altar Crafting.16%630945
<Prophet name>'s Altar of * [1] quest reward from 4th Deity Quest18%615922
Blessed Altar of * Treasure Chest or better in Castle Mistmoore and similar zones [2]20%600900
Imbued Altar of *Carpenter-crafted using a level 65 recipe from Advanced Deity Altar Crafting.24%570885
Ordained Altar of * drop from Mayong Mistmoore and other raid mobs [3][4][5]36%480720
Altar of <diety> Purchase for 12p from Guild Hall Prophet Amenity
(placeable in guild halls only)
Decorative shrine of * Carpenter-crafted using a level 65 recipe from Decorative Deity Shrines. Decoration Only: not usable for worship

Each deity has its own themed altar model with each alignment of gods sharing a similar base design for their altars: stone cairn enclosure for neutral gods, round pedestal and table base for evil gods, or wooden art deco style base for good gods.

Each god's altar comes in 3 designs: without candles, with candles, and with candles AND particle effects. Altars with candles are typically of higher quality than the non-candle version and reduce the amount of favor it costs to obtain Blessings and Miracles. The model with the particle effects can be seen on the altar neer your deity's prophet (also used to renounce your god), on the 'Ordained' line (normally a raid drop), and also on the new 'Decorative shrine' series (added with LU50). These new decorative ones are non-functional, but CAN be placed in guild halls.

A very nice selection of altar pictures can be found on a single page at EQ2 Traders.

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