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Daybreak All Access membership is a subscription plan which offers premium benefits for all participating Daybreak games. This includes EverQuest, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online and PlanetSide 2.

The All Access membership replaced individual subscriptions for these games when they went Free-to-Play, and membership can be purchased for one, three, six and twelve months. When you purchase a membership, it will be automatically recurring using the payment source that you provide, unless you choose to cancel the subscription.

Although you may subscribe to All Access specifically for your EverQuest II account, it also includes benefits for other games, such as the original EverQuest. However, you may still need to purchase the current expansion or DLC as appropriate for that game to access all of its content.


When you purchase an All Access membership, you get the following benefits in EverQuest II:

  • Additional five character slots
  • Double ALL alternative currency earned in-game
  • 15% more coin
  • 10% bonus mount speed
  • Special events which award bonus experience and loot
  • Access to Fabled dungeons and other premium content
  • Access to specialty servers with unique features
  • Access to all spell tiers, including Grandmaster and Ancient
  • Access to the Overseer Feature introduced with Blood of Luclin
  • Members-only quests such as The "Travels" of Yun Zi
  • Members-only items at in-game Loyalty Merchants
  • Full access to the in-game broker
  • Unlimited chat channel access
  • Full access to the in-game mail system
  • The ability to create a guild
  • Fast Travel to major locations in the game
  • Preferred Status with Customer Service
  • Early access to select new content releases

In addition, each month that you have an active membership, you can /claim 500 Daybreak Cash and you will be offered special discounts which are only available to members. You will also receive a 10% discount on all Marketplace and cash purchases (such as expansions), excluding the purchase of Krono.


All Access membership is a recurring subscription, with discounts offered for purchasing the subscription for a longer period of time. There are currently four types of membership pricing available (all pricing in US Dollars):

  • One month for $14.99
  • Three months for $38.97 ($12.99/month)
  • Six months for $71.94 ($11.99/month)
  • One year for $119.88 ($9.99/month)

If you cancel your membership, it will not refund the amount of time remaining in your subscription. You will continue to have All Access membership benefits until it expires, but it will not automatically renew. You can change your membership at any time by logging in on the website, go to your Account Management page and select Membership Info.

If you purchase your membership by consuming a Krono, that membership is valid for 30 days.

Daybreak Cash[]

When you have an active All Access membership, you will be awarded 500 Daybreak Cash (DBC) on the first day your membership is active, and every month that the subscription is renewed. There are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • You must login to the game and /claim your monthly DBC allowance, it will not be automatically awarded to you. For example, if you purchase an annual subscription, but you don't login for three months, you will not have 1,500 DBC available. You will only be able to claim the 500 DBC for that month.
  • When you claim your allowance, you will be prompted with a special offer to buy certain items off the Marketplace at a reduced cost for a limited time. If you dismiss this offer, it will credit the 500 DBC to your account and the offer will not be available again. Each month may have different types of offers.
  • The DBC allowance from your membership is account wide and can be spent in other participating games. However, you can only claim the allowance once per month. In other words, you cannot claim your allowance in EverQuest II, and then login to EverQuest and attempt to claim it again.
  • If you cancel a multi-month membership, you will continue to receive a DBC allowance each month for the remainder of your membership period.


All content up to and including the Altar of Malice expansion is available to all players, regardless of membership. This means both members and free-to-play players can level to 100. Going beyond level 100 will require purchasing the current expansion. This is independent of whether or not you have an active membership.

Purchasing the current expansion will include access to all previous expansions, so you do not need to purchase multiple prior expansions. If a new expansion is scheduled to launch in the near future, pre-ordering the next expansion will also give you access to all of the current content.

Purchasing an expansion does not automatically grant you membership benefits. It is not required for you to have an All Access membership to purchase the current expansion.

Specialty Servers[]

There are certain server types which are only available to those who have an active All Access membership. If you create a character on these servers, it is important to note that you will only have access to them while your membership is active. Canceling your subscription will not delete the characters, but you will not be able to play them until you renew the subscription or extend your membership by consuming a Krono.


Progression servers, also called Time-Locked Expansion (TLE) servers, are servers where content is made available at specific intervals. When the server first opens, the level cap is 50 and only the content in the original Shattered Lands is available to players. As time goes on, additional expansions will be unlocked on the server in the order they were originally released in the game. As each expansion is unlocked, additional features and content is made available.

Not all classes are initially available on progression servers, and there are many features which are intentionally restricted to bring gameplay more in line with the original EverQuest II experience.

Free Trade[]

Free Trade servers are a special type of server in which most equipment is tradeable between players. Instead of many items being no-trade or heirloom, the items can be freely exchanged between players, bought and sold on the broker. In addition, there can be other benefits such as increased loot drop rates and free level boosts granted to new players.

Payment Options[]

You can purchase a membership subscription using a credit card or some types of gift card. Currently, Paypal is not supported for purchasing memberships, however it can be used when purchasing Daybreak Cash. If you do not have a credit card, you can still purchase a membership with in-game currency using Krono.

Although Daybreak still lists Game Cards as an option for paying for an All Access membership, those are no longer available. Physical game cards were sold by retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and Gamestop. The sale of these game cards was discontinued on September 26th, 2016.

Credit Cards[]

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted by their payment system. Debit cards may also be used, as long as they have one of the logos associated with these providers. Pre-paid credit cards will usually work, as long as there is an address associated with the card.

Gift Cards[]

Gift cards issued by Visa, American Express and other providers will only work if there is a mailing address associated with the card. Daybreak's billing system will reject the card if it cannot validate the address of the card owner. However, you can contact the card's provider and request that they add your address information to the card, and then attempt the purchase. A support article discusses this in more detail.


An in-game item which is purchased for real money from Daybreak's website. When consumed, this currency will award the player with 30 days of All Access membership. Krono are tradeable and can be sold on the broker for in-game currency. On the standard servers, Krono typically sells for several million platinum. On other specialty server types, the market cost for a Krono can vary depending on that server's economy.

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