Also referred to as the Village of Alivan or City of Alivan in quests.
Village of Alivan

Village of Alivan

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Withered Lands (LU63)
Location South of Tears of Tunare ( -460, -710, 410 ) /waypoint -460, -710, 410 Eq2map
Discovery Location (AA) Yes
Related Achievement Traverse the Corrupted Forest

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First use a Globe from any dock or travel by griffon tamer to go to the dock of Thurgadin (a city in the Great Divide).

Once you land on the Thurgadin dock, there are two griffon tamers when you land on this dock; after arriving on the Thurgadin dock, locate the other griffon tamer and hail them to travel to the The Withered Lands.

  • The first time you enter The Withered lands you will not have access to travel quickly by hailing the a Combine horse trainer at the Mount Station. You must manually travel this zone to add each Mount Station (the first time) and the journey is loaded with "aggro" both on the ground and in the skies.
  • If you have already visited the Mount Stations, hail the trainer and select Alivan as the station.

Access to SkyshrineEdit

When you arrive in Alivan, locate the landing pad for the drake trainer and fly to Skyshrine. Though the monsters inside Skyshrine are too big for low level adventurers and the Skyshrine zone once had a minimum level for entry, this is lifted indefinitely for those on the Days of Summer quests.

Related QuestsEdit

Final quest hub for The Withered Lands Timeline

Emissary Ta'lur ( -538, -687, 426 ) /waypoint -538, -687, 426

Captain Val'kirr

Emissary Ta'lur

Captain Val'kirr - He has moved to ( -410, -745, -257 ) /waypoint -410, -745, -257

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