Alexander Kerr

Alexander Kerr

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Bowyer
Race Human
Zone Qeynos Province District (Shattered Lands)
Location Qeynos Harbor, near the tunnel to The Elddar Grove ( 683, -21, -99 ) /waypoint 683, -21, -99


Basic Sandpaper6c
Effulgent Sandpaper1g 80s
Ethereal Sandpaper1g 56s
Glimmering Sandpaper3s 84c
Glowing Sandpaper24c
Lambent Sandpaper23s 4c
Luminous Sandpaper15s 36c
repair material6g
Scintillating Sandpaper34s 56c
Smoldering Sandpaper1g
Sparkling Sandpaper96c
Thaumic Sandpaper3g

Level 1 - [information needed]Edit

elm long bow60c
elm short bow60c
Plain Tin Arrow1c
rawhide leather bandolier1s 68c
rawhide leather pouch1s 68c
rawhide leather satchel1s 68c
rawhide leather sheath1s 68c
tin shuriken1c
tin throwing axe1c
tin throwing dagger1c
tin throwing hammer1c

Level [information needed] - 100Edit

adamantine shuriken6s 91c
adamantine throwing axe6s 91c
adamantine throwing dagger6s 91c
adamantine throwing hammer6s 91c
carbonite shuriken19c
carbonite throwing axe19c
carbonite throwing dagger19c
carbonite throwing hammer19c
crude titanium shuriken6s 91c
crude titanium throwing axe6s 91c
crude titanium throwing dagger6s 91c
crude titanium throwing hammer6s 91c
feyiron shuriken77c
feyiron throwing axe77c
feyiron throwing dagger77c
feyiron throwing hammer77c
fulginate shuriken3s 7c
fulginate throwing axe3s 7c
fulginate throwing dagger3s 7c
fulginate throwing hammer3s 7c
indium shuriken4s 61c
indium throwing axe4s 61c
indium throwing dagger4s 61c
indium throwing hammer4s 61c
iron shuriken5c
iron throwing axe5c
iron throwing dagger5c
iron throwing hammer5c
Plain Adamantine Arrow6s 91c
Plain Carbonite Arrow19c
Plain Ferrite Arrow6s 91c
Plain Feyiron Arrow77c
Plain Fulginate Arrow3s 7c
Plain Indium Arrow4s 61c
Plain Iron Arrow5c
Plain Tin Arrow1c
Plain Titanium Arrow6s 91c
redwood long bow14g 51s 52c
redwood short bow14g 51s 52c
rhino leather bandolier14g 51s 52c
rhino leather pouch14g 51s 52c
rhino leather satchel14g 51s 52c
rhino leather sheath14g 51s 52c
tin shuriken1c
tin throwing axe1c
tin throwing dagger1c
tin throwing hammer1c
tynnonite shuriken9s 31c
tynnonite throwing axe9s 31c
tynnonite throwing dagger9s 31c
tynnonite throwing hammer9s 31c


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