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Alcohol Tolerance, or AT, has been neglected for much of EQ2's history. In EQ1 consuming alcohol would increase STA and STR for fighters (only) but no such effect has been observed in EQ2. Until year 2 there were not even any alcoholic drinks in the game. AT can be raised by getting drunk. The higher your AT the faster the effects of inebriation fade, and the more alcohol you have to consume to reach a more drunken state (see below).

Drunkenness is most closely associated, in game, with the annual celebration of Brew Day, coinciding in the real world with the observance of St. Patrick's Day around March 17th.

An AT of 400 is required for the Achievement, "Swimming Under The Influence".

Drunkenness[edit | edit source]

Helm of Foamy Goodness

Inebriation has various levels, indicated by an icon in your current effects area of the UI. This effect blurs your vision. Drinking more potent brews, or multiple lesser drinks, will get you to the higher levels. From least to most drunk, these levels are:

  • Tipsy
  • Inebriated
  • Drunk
  • Very Drunk

As you sober up, you will pass back up through these levels to tipsy before the effects completely fade at last and you are sober.

A death or losing in a player duel (no damage to gear) will remove the effect.

If you drink the player crafted Hair of the Dog or No-Trade Wake-up Juice will cure drunkenness. It may take more than one to cure the effect.

Skill Cap[edit | edit source]

The skill cap for alcohol tolerance is based off your adventure level only.

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