Alchemist Yallessul

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Deathfist Citadel (LU33)
Race Erudite
Level 40▲▲▲ Tier 5 Heroic , (Approx. HP: 42,000)
Location The Grand Alchemist Study-14, 9, 31 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI
Reported Drops
Special Attacks

20 minute Charm

AA Exp Yes
Status Points none

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • He will charm one member of the group and send him/her against the others. Having someone interrupt 'Traitorous Thoughts'- every time he casts will avoid this.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Alchemist Yallessul has a charm that once made soloing him very difficult, since charming someone soloing him reset the fight. One notable feature of this charm is that it's also nearly impossible to resist; targets 25 levels above him will rarely, if ever, resist the spell, making it a very annoying fight to solo if you lack the means to prevent the charm. The effect on Players of even higher level is unknown, but at the time of writing presumed the same.

Nowadays, however, any tank merc with a decent DPS output can solo Yallessul while the player stands back, taking care to not earn any aggro at all.

If you want to fight Yallessul without a merc, you have to be able to stop him from casting his charm with stuns/stifles/interrupts. The charm has a long casting time and creates a prismatic light pattern around his hands. Be careful not to waste interrupts on his corrosive bolt spell, which creates a noxious fume effect.

If you have the ability to charm in some manner, another strategy is to charm the orc mob in the room and use it as a tank - it appears that the Alchemist cannot re-charm the orc, allowing you to beat on him without the encounter resetting.

Soloable as a 64 warden, just use Nature's Pack before he starts casting. Soloable as a 50 Brigand, just use cheapshot,cuss,walk the plank, blackjack, stunning blow, and he won't be much of a problem

You can solo him if you have plenty of knockdowns/stuns, every time you see him about to do some finger wagglin just knock him upside the head

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