Alchemist Janicia

Alchemist Janicia

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Halfling
Zone Rivervale (LU37)
Location Inside the The Fools Gold, at ( -90, -18, -18 ) /waypoint -90, -18, -18


Basic Candle7c
Effulgent Candle2g 10s
Ethereal Candle1g 82s
Glimmering Candle4s 48c
Glowing Candle28c
Lambent Candle26s 88c
Luminous Candle17s 92c
Scintillating Candle40s 32c
Smoldering Candle1g 16s 66c
Sparkling Candle1s 12c
Thaumic Candle3g 50s

Level 1 - [information needed]Edit

Abrasive Goo7c
Abrasive Lick7c
Blight of the Morning7c
Caress of the Shadow7c
Decomposing Sludge7c
Minor Anti-Venin14c
Minor Elemental Ointment14c
Minor Enigmatic Formula14c
Minor Salve14c
Puff of Insight14c
Remedy of the Garden14c
softly glowing pearl1g 40s

Related QuestsEdit

A bit of Fire, A bit of Ice

something like destillation inspiration (localized client) talk to an alchemist in Paineel (Dina at 1995, -299, 3345) take a copy of the results (book behind Dina on table) buy the requested ingredient in Steamfont Headquarters can be bought from Gnort Fizzlebottom for 10g 80s. create the recipe return to Janica


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