Al'Diun Stirhinis

Al'Diun Stirhinis

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Erudite
Zone The Sundered Frontier (Sentinel's Fate)
Location In Paineel Commons tradeskill area ( 1806, -299, 3512 ) /waypoint 1806.32, -299.00, 3511.92 Eq2map


Paineel Quartermaster

Items for salePricePositive Faction
Band of Bastions55g 98s 72c40,000 (Bastion of the Tranquil)
Band of Dark Truths55g 98s 72c40,000 (Seekers of the Dark Truth)
Bow of the Fell Blade65g 31s 84c40,000 (Fell Blade)
Bracelet of the Speaker55g 98s 72c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Buckler of the Ambitious60g 65s 28c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Dagger of Dark Truths55g 52s 6c40,000 (Seekers of the Dark Truth)
Dark Glowing Pearl4g 66s 56c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Earring of the Tranquil55g 98s 72c40,000 (Bastion of the Tranquil)
elaborate Paineel sculpture1g 39s 97c40,000 (City of Paineel)
elaborate Paineel table1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
Fell Blade of Blood55g 52s 6c40,000 (Fell Blade)
Hammer of the Old Ways55g 52s 6c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Hammered Blue Metal Band55g 98s 72c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Hoop of Saihah55g 98s 72c40,000 (City of Paineel)
intricate Paineel wall sconce1g 39s 97c40,000 (City of Paineel)
noble Paineel bench1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
noble Paineel chair1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
noble Paineel desk1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
noble Paineel shelves1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
noble Paineel table1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
Orb of Reprimanding60g 65s 28c40,000 (City of Paineel)
ornate Paineel chair1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
Paineel crescent table1g 74s 96c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Paineel dissection table1g 39s 97c40,000 (Bastion of the Tranquil)
Paineel floor lamp1g 39s 97c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Paineel merchant table1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
Paineel pedestal1g 39s 97c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Paineel street lamp1g 39s 97c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Paineel weapon rack1g 39s 97c40,000 (Fell Blade)
regal Paineel chair1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
regal Paineel vase1g 39s 97c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Ring of Shahib55g 98s 72c40,000 (City of Paineel)
round Paineel table1g 39s 97c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Rune of the Old Ways4g 66s 56c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Seekers Sash of Mending55g 98s 72c40,000 (Seekers of the Dark Truth)
Shield of Stalwart Beliefs60g 65s 28c40,000 (City of Paineel)
small Paineel divider1g 39s 97c20,000 (City of Paineel)
tall Paineel bookcase1g 39s 97c40,000 (Seekers of the Dark Truth)
Torque of Stalwart Beliefs55g 98s 72c40,000 (City of Paineel)
Toxxulia plant60g 60s20,000 (City of Paineel)

Al'Diun Stirhinis Merchandise 1 Al'Diun Stirhinis Merchandise 2

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