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Aktar the Dark

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This mob is a non-loot mob. The only thing you get from this fight is the device to activate Atrebe. It is best to duel tank this mob due to a noxious stun that is also a nasty uncurable dot. The spell is Noxious Mist and has a seemingly 50 sec. recast to it. It is best to joust this AoE to avoid it.
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The offtank needs to stick Uthtak the Cruel with an arrow and pull his and the adds to the corner oppisite where the raid force is. The adds will taunt the offtank and force him to stay on that target, best to stay on that target and burn it. The MT needs to taunt Aktar the Dark away from the raid force to avoid the AoE and tank him about where he stands. Again, the AoE is nasty and uncurable as well as stuns. Uthtak has a reflect shield on him so be careful with your big nukes and big debuffs...they can be reflected back to you and your group. Once Uthtak is down have the raid force joust Aktar's AoE and burn him.
Again, don't be alarmed when a box does not hit the ground after the encounter is over.
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