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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Ward of Elements (LU51)
Race Dragon
Level 86▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x2
Location The Edifice of Absolution ( -499, -179, 114 ) /waypoint -498.69, -179.37, 114.43
Reported Drops
AA Exp unknown
Status Points none

What does this information mean?


Climb wall and look on other side. That is where you get ported during the fight, and where you harvest boulders. In the ring of Lava re fire cyclones which you can jump into to be cast back up into the Raid zone.

  1. Have MT tank Aiden where he stands, face mob into center.
    • Do not stand behind Aiden, there is a powerful tail whip AOE.
  2. During fight One member of raid will be ported outside. That member must harvest a boulder, jump onto one of the flame twisters in the lava. They will be flung up into the air and can land back with raid.
    • Place the boulder in front of one of the 5 portals, which will prevent a mob of Adds from that portal. Every portal left unblocked will spawn adds, lots of them.
    • NOTE: You can climb wall and jump over to boulders and harvest them before someone gets ported. Fae fall, Cloak of the Harvester, or any other slow fall method makes this easy. Boulders in inventory do not get destoryed but those in portals do after the adds come.
    • Also NOTE: YOU CAN CARRY 2 Boulder back. You can harvest a First boulder into your inventory. Click on it in your inventory to use it and place it on the ground. Harvest a NEW boulder into inventory. Then click and "move" to carry the FIRST boulder. Jump back to raid.
    • Best method, since update stopped reusing a single boulder on all portals, is to have at least 1 person going to go get boulders at all times in addition to the person being ported, possibly 2 if u cant handle the adds.
  3. Aiden will then fly up into the air and the portals will become active with a beam.
    • A large mob of Adds will spawn from the open portals.
    • Aiden is immune to damage while in the air.
    • The beams will kill you, so when Aiden flies up, don't be standing in front of portal.
    • When Aiden lands, the Adds will persist.
  4. Repeat portal block steps after Aiden lands.
  5. Kick Aiden's tail.

This fight is trivialized if done with 3 to 6 LVL 90 toons with Ry'gorr or better gear. Don't even worry about harvesting rocks or blocking the portals. If you get teleported, just get back to the fight ASAP and continue to burn Aiden down. Just AOE through the adds and they'll melt like butter. My casual guild runs this zone all the time to gear up peep's toons for the grind from 80 to 90. Good to farm T9 adorning mats out of as well. Farm this zone and PR, and you can pretty much equip an 80+ toon in mostly/all fabled for the grind to 90.

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