Ahket Aken Timeline
Recommended Levels 53 to 60
Introduced: Desert of Flames
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: The Living Tombs
Side Timelines: Peacock Club Timeline
  • All quests listed here, unless noted, can be started and completed as of August 2018.

Ahket Aken is the former City of Life, where the sacred waters of the Fyr'Un continue to flow. It was built by Godking Anuk who provided his denizens with eternal life thanks to the Ewer of Sul'Dae, which acts as the connection between Norrath and the lands of Anashti Sul.

This timeline is directly connected to the Peacock Club Timeline, as much of the lore concerning Ahket Aken is revealed during that timeline. The first several quests of the Peacock Club Timeline take place outside of the first zone of Ahket Aken, the Living Tombs, and therefore that timeline should be started first. The following quests expand on the lore of Ahket Aken, however are not part of the Peacock Club quest chain.

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