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EverQuest II Player Housing Information
Introduced Desert of Flames
City Maj'Dul
Zone Maj'Dul
Location ( 134, 144, 131 ) /waypoint 133.71, 143.65, 131.36 Eq2map
Cost 1p 16g 17s 20c 120000 status
Upkeep 4g 64s 68c 24000 status
Rooms 6
Vault Slots 6

What does this information mean?

You must also have an affluent Maj'Dul residency license from one of the Courts to purchase this home.

This housing can be purchased by anyone who has sufficient faction in Maj'Dul with one of the following: The Court of Truth, The Court of Coin, or The Court of Blades

  • If you loot or buy the following tokens from the broker, you can speed up your faction gain. If you buy them, make sure they are from one of the two factions you are not trying to increase faction with before you turn them in to, since all three are opposed to each other.
Tokens: Coin insignia token, Blades insignia token, Truth insignia token
  • In order to buy each type of residence (by size), the specific the residency licenses in the table below are required. This means that buying the most expensive (Affluent Maj'Dul residency license will not give you the freedom to buy the other two house types.


This can also be a solo instance, used extensively in the quests given by the Tears grifters in the Court of Tears quest series.

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