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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Hooluk
Zone The Bonemire (Kingdom of Sky)
Location Cacotoxic Stain ( 485, 244, -757 ) /waypoint 484.90, 243.71, -756.9 Eq2map

You can get to him by jumping down the waterfall and then climbing up onto the cliff surrounding the Catatoxic Stain island which can be reached from the pad on Drednever Crash Site.

You can also climb the 2nd tower at ( 388, 213, -655 ) /waypoint 387.75, 212.78, -654.76 and jump from the top to the north wall to get to him.

You can also get to him by going to the rock at ( 417, 204, -440 ) /waypoint 417.06, 204.33, -440.18 and jumping from it onto the western wall. Then run around clockwise on the wall to get to him. Use Gnomish Stilt Boots if you can't make it.

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