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EverQuest II Player Housing Information
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer
City Kelethin
Zone Kelethin
Location ( 389, 106, 507 ) /waypoint 388.91, 105.83, 506.98 Eq2map
Cost 1p 68g 84s
Upkeep 6g 75s 36c
Rooms 6
Vault Slots 6

What does this information mean?

This is not only the largest acorn available in Kelethin, but this Aerie offers it at the best price (others this size require status and higher rent). I have also yet to find another city that offers so much space for this pricing and no status, which makes Kelethin a really attractive starting city.

It has two rooms on main, two upstairs and three downstairs. Off of the upstairs room that is above the main room that you are in when you enter the house, there is also a balcony that is as large as a room and serves as additional space (I set up a garden and also made it an area for my altar)

One platform over (loc 385,106,504), off the 'stump tree,' there is a short-cut 'branch' you can travel from a nearby platform to the central 'branch' of Kelethin (loc coming).

A seven-room acorn, version 1

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