Adkar Vyx

Adkar Vyx

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) The Protector's Realm (Rise of Kunark)
Race Skeleton
Level 83▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4 , (Approx. HP: 4,400,000)
Reported Drops
Melee Attacks Crushing
Special Attacks
  • Haze of Thule (poison/stifle AoE with DoT)
  • Totemic Burst (damage shield with knockback)
AA Exp Yes
Status Points 16425

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General InformationEdit

Vyx and his two adds (an Askelon Hierophant and an Askelon Seer) start off as a non aggro encounter.

Drops an assortment of class-specific fabled boots.


The encounter will turn aggro as soon as the character with the seal approaches it, meaning it is probably safest to have a character with feign death make the approach.

Massive poison/stifle AoE (Haze of Thule) every 45s (varies slightly) does more damage the closer you are (can be resisted):

  • At 0 to 9 metres, it does 13044-25894 poison damage plus 3069-6093 poison damage every 5 seconds.
  • At 10 to 15 metres, it does 8017-12025 poison damage plus 2290-3436 every 5 seconds.
  • At 15 to 75 metres, it does 5154-6299 poison damage and 1546-1890 every 5 seconds.

The stifle will apply to all characters standing between 9 and 75 metres away. Because the stifle applies equally at 10 to 15 metres as it does at 15 to 75, there is no advantage to be gained by standing in the mid-range. Sanctuary can avoid the stifle, as can potions and AoE block.

MT pulls to far left corner (with back to corner to avoid knockback), the rest of the raid stays out until Haze of Thule is cast. Joust all the way out of the room every 45s (before Haze of Thule hits) then back in after. The adds (which fear and stun) can be mezzed, or burn them down first with OT. Anti-stifle potions, poison and elemental resists, Sanctuary and AoE block will make the job easier.

If the raid wipes but in the process takes down one or both adds, the adds will take a couple of minutes to respawn, making it possible to run in during this time for a slightly easier fight. Once the adds respawn, the entire encounter will reset and the raid needs to start the fight again using the seal.

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