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For the system formerly known as Achievement Experience, see Alternate Advancement.
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Achievement main

View your Achievements on the third tab of your Journal.

The Achievements are like a system to keep track of your exploits and accomplishments throughout the world of Norrath. First introduced in GU53, the achievements system covers almost every aspect of EverQuest II: from location discoveries to named monster kills to crafting level.

  • To see what achievements you have already completed or to see which you might actively try to attain, press J to open the Journal and click on the third tab. There you will find them organized into various sub categories that you can view by clicking on the titles of the tabs along the left side of the list.
  • Many achievements are granted passively and you do not have to take specific actions to attain them, but may get them as you go about your normal adventure and Tradeskill activities. This is true of achievements tied to aspects of the game like Exploration Achievements; while you can intentionally set out to get them, they will be added just by passing into an area that grants that Exploration achievement.
  • Some achievements may require a specific action (like completing quests or attaining a specific level) or series of actions. Examples of these may be tied to world events or in-game holidays like Frostfell; in order to get most holiday-themed achievements, you may need to complete several tasks or quests.

Achievements are added to the 3rd tab in your journal automatically, meaning you do not have to do anything in order to make them appear completed on the lists.

What are Achievements?[]

Achievements are a way the game formally recognizes your accomplishments. While most achievements do not give a reward, a select few that are more difficult or more encompassing do reward appearance armor or house items.

What Achievements are available?[]