iname     =| 
idesc     =|
type      =|
subtype   =|
aaexp     =|
iconnum   =3806|
desc      =By signing this contract, the bearer will be granted ownership of a Mistmoore Crags Estate.  Henceforth, the bearer agrees to all provisions contained within the document (which is in very, very fine print).  You may find the entrances in either South Qeynos or South Freeport.|
icat      = -|
flags     =no-trade|
level     =-|
itemlevel =0| 
effects   = 


itemlink  =\aITEM -1164547575 962688385:a blood-written contract\/a|
obtain    =*Purchased through the 'EQ2 Marketplace' for 30 Loyalty Point Token
altname   =a blood-written contract|


In addition to the 7 year veteran's reward, this item can be purchased for 30 Loyalty Point Tokens..

  • Like all other housing, it is still one of each style per character, whether you get the contract by way of the veteran's rewards or from the loyalty merchants. That means you can own the house granted by this and several others of different styles, but never two of this particular home on one character.
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