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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Deity
Journal Level 25 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Greater Faydark more
How to Start Speak to Kurista, the High Priestess of Growth at ( 46, 93, 78 ) /waypoint 46.34, 93.22, 77.99 in Kelethin (on the platform with the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift)
part of: Tunare Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Those Who Were Lost
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You must be level 20 and of "Good" alignment.


Blessed Earth

Blessed Earth

  1. After you accept the quest, you are given some Blessed Earth.
  2. Scatter the Blessed Earth at Vhalen's Tower in Antonica ( -1300, 38, 55 ) /waypoint -1300.27, 37.92, 55.37 - examine the urn next to the Tower.
  3. Scatter the Blessed Earth in The Elddar Grove (now part of Qeynos Province District) - examine the bush next to the lift ( 663, -9, -376 ) /waypoint 663, -9, -376.
  4. Take a cutting of a sapling that is right where you scattered the Blessed Earth.
  5. Take the sapling back to your house. After placing it, you will need to give it water, change the soil, and then sing to it. All of this can be done by "right clicking" the sapling.
  6. Take the sapling back to Greater Faydark and plant it by Tunare's Sapling. The location is a clickable log South of the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift, by the pool around the roots of the Sapling, at ( 24, 5, 118 ) /waypoint 24, 5, 118
  7. Return to Kurista for your reward.


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