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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 55 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Deep Forge more
How to Start Gather shiny just inside the entrance of The Deep Forge ( -10, 1, 32 ) Copy
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
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Tinkering with Toggery
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What does this information mean?

Starting the quest[]

  • The shiny is directly to the right of the zone line; you can zone in, get the shiny and zone out without engaging any mobs at all. If you are using a Gnomish Divining Rod or the Track Harvestables skill, it will show up as "a mysterious thread" in the list.
  • Only one person may loot the shiny per instance, but looting the shiny does not lock you to an instance for more than 30 minutes. Clicking on the shiny will place "a mysterious thread" in your inventory; however, it is not tradeable or shareable via lottery with a group. When the quest starter appears, should you click "Decline", the thread will disappear from your inventory and you would need to go into a fresh instance of Deep Forge to get another one.


  • You need to be a level 55 crafter to make the armor.


  1. Find a way to identify this mysterious thread
    • Talk to Frederick Saltmarsh on the Lavastorm docks ( -166, -120, 653 ) Copy. Depending on what chat option you choose, he wants 1p or 50g to identify the thread.
    • Listen to what Frederick has to say
      • He will give back your coin when he finds out what the thread is. He won't tell you what he actually found out, though, except that he won't stand in the way of Najena.
  2. Seek out someone INSANE! to help identify the mysterious thread
  3. Investigate the The Deep Forge for clues about the robes the gnome spoke of
    • Talk to Ruddybupp, found at the Netherflame Forge ( 88, 1, 4 ) Copy. You can Feign Death flop to him and hail him while Feigning Death.
  4. Ruddybupp wants a full set of Magmatic Bronze Armor in return for a special robe. This armor can be crafted from recipes that drop from any mob in the zone (Chest Drops).
    • Enter a fresh "Deep Forge" / without having killed any mobs/npc's in the zone
    • Turn right and head to the library / book room (kill all NPCs)
    • Investigate the first deep forge area "Anti clockwise" (right to left) so you start in the book rom and finish in the Forge room
    • Most metal ores are dropped in chests but can be purchased on the broker (Bronze bricks being the most rare and expensive)
    • The red Magmatic Crystal has to be mined from ore clusters on rocks near the lava pit floor (make sure you have high heat resistance gear or buffs active)
    • NOTE: This armor is tradeable, and Ruddybupp will give the armor back to you at the end of your conversation with him. Consequently, one set of armor can be used for everybody.
    • Obtain a Magmatic Bronze Chestplate
    • Obtain a pair of Magmatic Bronze Legplates
    • Obtain a Magmatic Bronze Helm
    • Obtain a pair of Magmatic Bronze Spaulders
    • Obtain a pair of Magmatic Bronze Bracers
    • Obtain a pair of Magmatic Bronze Boots
    • Obtain a pair of Magmatic Bronze Gauntlets
  5. Ruddybupp wants you to get him a book from Najena's Hollow Tower called "Bows and Ammo: volume 14". This can be found outside the jail cells on a shelf at ( -20, -195, -139 ) Copy on Level 2 of the tower (level with "Jailor Ca'iluer".) Note, book does respawn if multiple people are on the quest.
  6. Return to Ruddybupp with the book.
  7. Ruddybupp sets up a meeting for you with Lady Najena at the Magma Grotto in Lavastorm-250, -129, 481 ) Copy. When you speak with her, she agrees to give you a magical robe if you can pass her trial to prove you are worthy of one.
    • Kill Spirit of the Earth (Level 53 Heroic ~110k hp)
    • Kill Spirit of the Flame (Level 53 Heroic ~165k hp)
    • Kill Spirit of the Water (Level 54 Heroic ~220k hp)
    • Kill Spirit of the Air (Level 54 Heroic ~275k hp)
    • Kill Spirit of the Elements (Level 56 Epic x2 ~475k hp)
  8. Speak to Lady Najena to receive your reward.



Consolidated shopping list for all items needed to make the Magmatic Bronze Armor

Note: Collect the Magmatic crystals before going to the library, the burnt recipe page 4 did not show up for me until I collected the crystals

Recipes (looted in Deep Forge):


Please note: You must make this armor at Ruddybupp's forge in the Deep Forge instance. Each recipe requires 2 Brick of iron ore, but the crafter receives 1 back for each successful combine. If you have these pieces made through the commissioning system, be sure to uncheck the Crafter receives side products checkbox.