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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Sebilis more
How to Start Speak to Blipd in the Reet Slave Quarters (SE most room) in Sebilis ( -255, -25, 434 )
part of: Paladin Epic Weapon Timeline
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A Paladin's Crusade
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A Paladin's Crusade
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  1. Speak to Blipd in the Reet Slave Quarters (Southeastern most room) in Sebilis ( -255, -25, 434 ) /waypoint -255, -25, 434.
  2. I must help him get the reagents for a teleportation spell.
  3. I should return to Blipd in the Reet Slave Quarters as soon as possible!
  4. I must find a safe location for the Reet to teleport to!
    • Blipd gives you an Ensorcelled Boot, "A cruddy, old boot that shows no sign of magical powers."
    • Find the entrance to a cave in lower sebilis. Click a rock at ( -191, -113, 403 ) /waypoint -191, -113, 403 in the Reet Slave Mine. It will send you to the SOLO instance called Reet Resistance Caves.
      • Note: When you get to the rock you must disband from your group or it will not let you zone into the Reet Resistance Caves.
      • On your way to the rock you will face a few heroic iksar roamers, but the reets will not be aggro to anyone with positive Reet faction - so don't AOE and get off reflects etc :D -.
        • Note: You must still have 40k+ reet faction for the quest to advance so dont kill a lot of slaves on your way to the zone.
        • Killing the reet slaves linked to the roaming iksar will not harm your faction.
        • The instance takes around fifteen minutes and if your team decides to wait for you they will be safe from roamers if they stay near the rock.
        • On the way to the slave mines, mobs will sometimes drop a Sebilis Slave Mine Map
    • Inside the solo instance examine the Ensorcelled Boot to summon the frog from upstairs. Talk to him and he tells you to talk to his leader, Captain Rroop. This completes A Reet's Freedom.
      • DO NOT LEAVE just yet - the quest continues.
      • Captain Rroop takes a scout's report while you're there. Listen to the report.
      • After listening to the report, you will be asked to kill 12 iksar in the instance. (Make sure you stay IN the instance and kill the iskar there! Long spawn time) (Also something I learned the hard way, Don't leave your computer running unattended in this zone, I went to sleep with eq2 running and my character in this zone, and I came back with at least 300 Iksars spawned in, I couldn't log onto my character for days, because of all the lag, it booted my to the character select screen. These Iksars spawn near ( 239, -27, 54 ) /waypoint 239, -27, 54
      • Return to Captain Rroop.

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This quest is part of the Paladin Epic Weapon Timeline, and can only be started/completed by a member of that class of at least Level 80.

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