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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Moors of Ykesha
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Moors of Ykesha more
How to Start Talk to Nezzin Ribraker ( -1236, -965, 695 ) /waypoint -1236, -965, 695 after completing Agents All About
part of: Moors of Ykesha Timeline
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Agents All About
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Grains for Gluttons

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  1. Catch a rat inside Gunthak's Shanty ( -1270, -953, 635 ) /waypoint -1270, -953, 635 (double-click a rat). You must NOT be invisible or you will not get the charm.
  2. Use the rat illusion item in your inventory while standing on the pillows at ( -1248, -933, 459 ) /waypoint -1248, -933, 459
  3. Kill Momo the monkey at ( -1263, -936, 448 ) /waypoint -1263, -936, 448right behind the building. He is on a 5 minute respawn timer.
    • Some AoE CAs, especially pounce, tend to pull aggro from surrounding mobs, so be careful. After you kill Momo nearby monkeys may attack, clearing nearby monkey mobs may prevent this from happening. If you do die after killing Momo you return to your own body - double click on another rat, assume its form and continue to the next step.
  4. While in rat form slip through the wooden boards and kill the ornate chest in the store room directly behind Momo
  5. Drop the rat illusion and click on the ship's wheel ( -1318, -932, 501 ) /waypoint -1318, -932, 501
  6. Kill Captain Skullcleave. He is on a 5 minute respawn timer.
  7. Return to Vip Gloryshield in Shadowed Cleft ( -1350, -1010, 49 ) /waypoint -1350, -1010, 49.

Note: Exiting the zone via the ship's wheel ports you into the middle of hostile NPCs. If you have the Brokenskull Officer Disguise from A Higher Purpose, you should make sure that is applied prior to leaving. Otherwise, consider using some form of invisibility before clicking on the wheel to leave, or use evac/ call out.


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