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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 85 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The City of Freeport more
How to Start Enter the Freeport Militia House, go down the stairs to the jail and hail Kaherdin Surechest ( 140, -25, 150 ) /waypoint 140, -25, 150.
part of: Paladin Epic Weapon Timeline
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A Reet's Freedom

Acts of Contrition

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Enter the West Freeport Militia Building, go down the stairs to the jail (door is on your right as you enter the building) and hail Kaherdin Surechest ( 128, -25, 136 ) /waypoint 128, -25, 136. You won't get the journal entry until the next step.

  1. Take Valeron Dushire's Testimony to Blurrp Braveblade in The Lesser Faydark ( -261, -67, 371 ) /waypoint -261, -67, 371, standing on a rock in the river near the Fae Court. He will then send you to the Celestial Watch in North Qeynos to speak to Priestess Wenhaver.
  2. Speak to Priestess Wenhaver in North Qeynos at the Temple of Life ( 576, -75, -223 ) /waypoint 575.82, -75.25, -222.68.
    • Priestess Wenhaver will tell you to go to a 'dark and untamed' place in Kunark and look for a sign of Marr.
  3. YOU MUST HAVE 40,000+ Synod Reet Faction and completed the language quest "A Mysterious Green Tome" to do this: ( DO SUBQUEST: A REET'S FREEDOM. Make sure you complete the last steps: killing 12 Sathirians and talking to the Captain again.)
    • (These steps are contained in the subquest walkthrough, but it is important to get them done before leaving the instance, so they are put in both walkthroughs.)
  4. Return to Priestess Wenhaver in North Qeynos at the Temple of Life ( 10, -4, -11 ) /waypoint 10, -4, -11. (This step is not required.)
  5. Go to the Kunzar Jungle and fly to The Abandoned Village ( -185, 10, -112 ) /waypoint -184.82, 9.85, -112.13. From there, walk east until you see an ethereal sword sticking out of the ground ( -700, 30, -175 ) /waypoint -700, 30, -175. (Important, REMOVE YOUR MOUNT!) Walk around the area until a shaft of light comes down and begins quest dialogue with you. You will be stunned at or around ( -695, 39, -226 ) /waypoint -694.68, 38.95, -225.50 and it will initiate a conversation between you and a spirit, which tells you to find the paladin epic weapon, The Truth of Marr (Fabled). (Just keep walking around until the light comes - the location is up the hill from the sword and west of the given Loc, there will be a completed quest icon on your map at the correct location)
  6. Return to Priestess Wenhaver in North Qeynos (this step *is* required).
    • The priestess tells you a bit about The Truth of Marr (Fabled), and recommends that you to go find Izzal Din, a historian of holy lore and relics, in the Jarsath Wastes near Tylix's Fist ( -689, -108, -854 ) /waypoint -689, -108, -854. Unfortunately, Izzal will ignore you unless you have A Faygannen Bloom, so there is no need to visit him just yet.
  7. In order to get the Faygannen Bloom, travel to the Somborn Cemetery in Loping Plains, where you will find, behind various crypts, four linked 80^^ or 81^^ Treasure looter. Killing them will require a healer and a dps (or power regen anyway). They will drop the uncommon body drop, Faygannen Bloom, which you need to take to Izzal in Jarsath Wastes.
  8. Izzal tells you a bit more lore and informs you that the iksars have been using an item of malevolence to inflict pain in their worship of Cazic-Thule. To spawn Grandmaster Kordaz you need Mark of Terror.
    • Head to the Shard of Fear, defeat Terror, last named of the zone, and loot the Mark of Terror from his corpse. Only one update will drop from Terror, so if there are two Paladins in your group that need the same update, you will need to make a second run at it after your timers reset. It is best to just get two different groups and do it.
  1. Go to Kunzar Jungle to Tabernacle of Pain and hail a Swifttail caste servant ( -250, -62, 181 ) /waypoint -250, -62, 181. Just standing there for a little while can trigger the fight, also.
    • Grandmaster Kordaz will spawn immediately in front of the servant. Attack him quickly or he will despawn. He is a level 81^. (For me he spawned in the little building/gazebo next to the servant)
    • The Grandmaster stifles (use Freedom of Mind potion on the first knockback / stifle, cure/heal/ward, then pop a Relic/Signet of Clear Voice) and frequently and is very difficult to solo without exceptional gear, you will want to bring friends.
    • If you fail you LOSE your Mark of Terror and must kill Terror again for another one! - the Grandmaster can respawn. It just seems to be buggy with him randomly despawning and respawning. If he does despawn wait around for a few minutes and he may reappear.
  2. After Grandmaster Kordaz is dead, talk with a Swifttail caste servant again and she will send you to the Monk Temple of the Grandmasters at Tabernacle, click the sword on the weapons display at ( -110, -39, 190 ) /waypoint -110, -39, 190 to loot the Malevolent Blade.
  3. Inspect it and YOU'RE DONE!!!

STOP! If your goal is to have the Item for the Epic Conversion Timeline, you do NOT need to do the RAID version. You can begin that timeline now.



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This quest is part of the Paladin Epic Weapon Timeline, and can only be started/completed by a member of that class of at least Level 80.

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