A Nights of the Dead merchant

A Nights of the Dead merchant

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Merchant
Race Humanoid
Zone Multiple Zones (see below)
Location Multiple Locations (see below)


As of 2019 the merchant items were split. For the sake of simplicity, ALL items appear on this page.

  • The original NPC was renamed Lil' Boo and s/he carries the current event's items. S/he wears a skull mask and is short like a gnome or ratonga.
  • A secondary NPC, Haint was added to sell only items from prior years. Haint wears the pumpkin mask and taller than Lil, Boo, like a human or elf.

Those playing on TLE Servers may not have any or all of the items. See the main page, Nights of the Dead for details.


The locations below are fixed for Lil' Boo, but Haint is nearby.

New in 2019Edit

:Please move prior years' items below each year. The following items can be purchased from Lil' Boo:


The following no-trade recipes all sell for 60s 90c and the items within can be crafted all year long. The recipes can be scribed by a level 2 Artisan, but all require Nights of the Dead Treats (Crafting Materials).

Items for SaleEdit

The items below sell for standard currency (silver, gold, etc.) or for Candy Corn. To learn how to get more Candy Corn see the Nights of the Dead Treats page.


House Items (General)Edit



Holiday Decorations
While all of the house items will make a home or guild hall spooky, these are more obviously "party" decor than others.

Plushies and House Pets
Plushies are house items with minor animations that remain in one place; house pets are larger creatures that wander and have interactive animations like "playing dead" or other tricks.

House Pets




These costumes are illusion-from charms that will temporarily shapeshift your character. Make sure you have illusions turned on. You can check or toggle this if you press C to open the character window, click on the Options tab, and make sure the box to hide/show illusion from is checked or unchecked.

Petamorph WandsEdit

These wands can only be used on combat-style, functional pets. They will not work on "fluff" pets that merely follow you (from quests or the Marketplace).

Appearance GearEdit

The items of this type are equipped on your character. To learn more, see the page about appearance gear.


These are head-equipped appearance gear. At one time Trick or Treating rewarded a choice of several masks, but that activity was retired when the major cities were revamped. Check the NotD merchant for masks each year, but also look closely at quest tips and tricks on this wiki, as some masks have been moved into quest zones.

Dungeon Maker ActivatorsEdit

These items can only be used in player-made dungeons and can not be used in player housing. These are MOBs (monsters) that will battle anyone who enters your dungeon.

Jack O'Lantern This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Nights of the Dead festivities, which come to Norrath each year from (roughly) mid- to late-October through to early- to mid-November.

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