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A Mysterious Red Tome (House Item)

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}}{as translated from The Di'Zokian Language, which is required
in order to read the Tome.}
[Page 1]
{{info|need book text when read}}
[Page 2]
The  edict of Di'Zok Leader Warlord Kel'Nor
[Page 3]
It is the Warlord
Kel'Nor's opinion that any aspiring military strategist needs to
know the following             terms.
[Page 4]
- Adversary
- Any person, animal, or party that refuses to follow Warlord Kel'Nor's orders.
- Ballistic
- A Ballistic is anything that Warlord Kel'Nor wants fired in the air at any
- Cache - A
cache is a supply of items that Warlord Kel'Nor feels are necessary.
- Dazzle -
A form of attacking with something like fire or spells that can blind the
adversary. These are    very effective
when attached to the cache Warlord Kel'Nor's ballistics.
[Page 5]
Encampment - A prepared position for attacking from or repairing any ballistics
under Warlord Kel'Nor's command.
- Fallout -
Particles that can some times break off of ballistics and or pieces of a foot
soldier that might             have fired
Warlord Kel'Nor's weaponry incorrectly.
- General
Orders - Any standing order that must be followed at all times. For instance,
never get in             Warlord Kel'Nor's
- Hazard -
A condition that can lead to the causing of injuries due to being in Warlord
Kel'Nor's way.
[Page 6]
- Incident
- What you tell your family happened after you got in Warlord Kel'Nor's way.
- Joint -
An operation that contains activities in which two or more divisions are under
Warlord    Kel'Nor's control.
- Liaison -
The liaison is the only person that Warlord Kel'Nor will allow to travel
between his camps to             make sure
that everyone is following his orders.
[Page 7]
- Manifest
- A list usually carried by the liaison that can contain specifics of Warlord
Kel'Nor's     ballistics.
-Neutral -
An opponent of Warlord Kel'Nor's that may not be considered directly an
- Objective
- The goal which Warlord Kel'Nor is fighting towards.
[Page 8]
- Quick
Response Force - Warlord Kel'Nor's special team that
handles his special assignments.
- Raid -An
operation usually run by the Quick Response Force that is a temporary seizure
that may be             necessary to
obtain Warlord Kel'Nor's objective.
- Sabotage
- An act which the Quick Response Force is know for doing after a raid has
taken place.
- Target -
A target is a designated area or object that has been chosen by Warlord
[Page 9]
- Unit -
Warlord Kel'Nor commands many small units that make up a larger unit.
- Validate
- Units have to be validated before they can join Warlord Kel'Nor's command.
- Warning -
Knowledge of impending danger. The sound of Warlord Kel'Nor's foot steps will
be all the             warning you need to
get out of his way.
- X - Marks
the spot to where Warlord Kel'Nor has planned his offensive.
[Page 10]
- Yield - A
yield is what is attained from Warlord Kel'Nor's directions. Raids are expected
to have high             yields.
- Zone of
Action - An area decided by Warlord Kel'Nor that is sub-divided from a larger
area, where an             offensive
action will take place.
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