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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Deity
Journal Level 65 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Loping Plains more
How to Start Talk to Xilania Nevagon, near The Combine Spires at (-496, 46, 271)
part of: Innoruuk Timeline
Preceded by:
A Necessary Step
Followed by:
The Dark Beacon
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This is part 4 of 5 of the Innoruuk Timeline.


  1. Speak with Tanath L'Vec (loc: -392, 9, -88) in Loping Plains.
    • To read the complete text of all dialog with Tanath L'Vec during this quest, click here.
  2. Need to collect final pages of the journal Tanath found.
  3. Return to Tanath.
  4. Read the journal in your inventory (A Passenger's Journal).
  5. Speak with Tanath.
  6. Find and use the Essence Culler:
    • Retrieve the Essence Culler from a clickable chest in a wagon at ( 150, 45, -330 ).
    • Step into the center of the Ruined Ulteran Spires (loc: 60, 40, -305).
    • Right click the wisp that spawns above your head and empower the Essence Culler. This will not remove your invis.
    • Right click and use the Essence Culler from your inventory on one of the Sareth'Tal ghosts (loc: 90, 75, 180). This will remove your invis. You will receive an Essence of Sareth'Tal.
    • Use the Essence of Sareth'Tal from your inventory to release the spirit near (loc: 220, 90, 70) and follow it. This will remove your invis.
    • Pick up the Dark Beacon that spawns on the ground where the spirit disappears. Taking the beacon will NOT remove your invis!
    • [Note: The Essence of Sareth'Tal has only one charge. If you are unable to locate the Dark Beacon on the first attempt, use the Essence Culler on another Sareth'Tal spirit and retry.]
  7. Return to Tanath.
  8. Return to Xilania Nevagon to complete the quest and claim your reward.


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