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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Kylong Plains
Journal Level 70 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Kylong Plains more
How to Start Speak with Anda ( 1031, 164, -470 ) /waypoint 1031, 164, -470 Eq2map
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For a Few Coins More
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Anda says there is good coin to be made in returning certain bricks that once belonged to an ancient iksar city. The ruins still stand near the docks in Kylong Plains.

Ancient Brick

An Ancient Brick

  1. Search for an ancient brick on the outskirts of the ancient iksar city near the docks in Kylong Plains. They can be found along the lake shoreline & in the water ( 569, -23, -51 ) /waypoint 569, -23, -51 Eq2map, ( 600, -24, 2 ) /waypoint 600, -24, 2 Eq2map, ( 612, -24, -78 ) /waypoint 612, -24, -78 Eq2map and in Ryjesium Lake. Note: Collecting them breaks stealth.

  2. After you have 6 bricks you need to go to Teren's Grasp and try to sell them to Grave and Drazden.
  3. Now you have to make good on the deal you made Drazden. Locate and burn a number of secret communiques that were placed by Grave's group, the Jaded Shrouds (actually, they are The Green Hoods.
    • Note: The communiques respawn, so you may see one that you have already destroyed. It will not update your quest a second time. You can only interact with the ones you have not yet destroyed.
    • Crush and Swill Communique - When leaving Teren's Grasp, go North through the cave, then East, ( 692, 286, -1133 ) /waypoint 692, 286, -1133 Eq2map.
    • Drolvarg Communique - Inside a hollow tree, west of Karnor's Castle, near the river, ( 878, 23, -375 ) /waypoint 878, 23, -375 Eq2map.
    • Drachnid Communique - South of Karnor's Castle, ( 197, 62, 117 ) /waypoint 197, 62, 117 Eq2map.
    • Wyvern Communique - Southeast of Karnor's Castle, ( -124, 36, 109 ) /waypoint -124, 36, 109 Eq2map.
    • Krassik Communique - East of Karnor's Castle, near the bridge, ( -193, 81, -561 ) /waypoint -193, 81, -561 Eq2map.
    • Seeping Ruins Communique - South (and East) of the Fens of Nathsar zone line in Kylong Plains, ( -1171, 13, -538 ) /waypoint -1171, 13, -538 Eq2map.

  4. Now make good on the deal you made Grave. Locate and destroy a number of listening crystals that were placed by Drazden's group, the Freedom Ambassadors.
    • Note: The Varis crystal can be destroyed easily if you are on the quest "Execution". This quest allows you to teleport in on the floor right above the crystal. From the teleport point only three or four mobs (that do not see invis) are in the way.
    • Temple of Gra'al Shul, located on the right-hand side all the way in the back of the Temple. ( -2041, 93, -171 ) /waypoint -2041, 93, -171 Eq2map
    • Varis, located in the corner with the Commander Vask ( -522, 173, 40 ) /waypoint -522, 173, 40You can blast it from the stairs and nothing will agro! See the Talk Page for discussion regarding this step (apparently used to be harder but the crystal is on the bottom floor with soloable mobs, although there are alot of them so watch for see invis, and work slowly).
    • Den of the Widow Mistress, located in the Drachnid caves, southwest corner of the first chamber to the right, at ( 478, 64, 176 ) /waypoint 478, 64, 176 Eq2map
    • Ru'Kaus,
      Ru'Kaus Listening Crystal

      the Ru'Kaus Listening Crystal

      located on the ledge outside the middle window, at ( 157, 111, 236 ) /waypoint 157, 111, 236 Eq2map

  5. Return to Grave and Drazden

  6. They each want you to go to the opposing camp and "convince" them to stop interfering with their business. Of course, this means you are going to have to kill them all.
    • Freeport camp (The Freedom Ambassadors): ( 130, 8, -965 ) /waypoint 130, 8, -965 - Speak to Ambassador Raflin, he will aggro, kill him and the other ambassadors (Raflin plus 4 to 6 Freedom Ambassador pilgrims). This is a level 66 heroic fight adds are double down arrow and Raflin is a regular solo mob. They are in the NE part of Kylong Plains, on the beach. You will take a faction loss with the Freeport Militia.
    • Qeynos camp (The Jaded Shrouds aka The Green Hoods): ( 397, 115, 341 ) /waypoint 397, 115, 341 - Speak to Toad, he will aggro, kill him and all trailblazers (Frog plus 4 to 6 Jaded Shroud trailblazers). This is a level 67 heroic fight. You will take a faction loss with the Green Hoods.

  7. Return to Grave and Drazden for your payment.
    • Both of them warn you that they have heard that an assassin is looking for you. Grave tells you the assassin may be found skulking around Dreg's Landing. Drazden tells you he doesn't know where he is, but does know his name is Leevan.


  • At least 23g 51s 12c
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