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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Deity
Journal Level 65 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Greater Faydark more
How to Start Speak with Sir Bayden Cauldthorn ( 169, 111, 95 ) /waypoint 169, 111, 95 (in a building in the treetops of Kelethin)
part of: Mithaniel Marr Timeline
Preceded by:
Eternal Rivalries
Followed by:
The Trials of the Truthbringer
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  1. Harvest 6 pieces of the old Halas ferry called the The Gwenavyne, in Everfrost.
    • The parts are found underwater around ( 237, -101, -1570 ) /waypoint 237, -101, -1570 in the goblin sea to the far north near Permafrost.
      Note: There is no longer a minimum of 190+ gathering skill, but you may get many "failed to gather anything" messages. If you are below the minimum, gathering these parts will update the gathering skill
  2. Investigate the grave of Corsan Dushire in the Village of Somborn in the Loping Plains.
    • The grave is at ( -452, 16, 73 ) /waypoint -452, 16, 73 in the Loping Plains. Inspect the grave, then follow the ghost to a bandit camp at ( -451, -18, -145 ) /waypoint -451, -18, -145 where you need to kill a (non-agro) a grave robbing bandit, level 65^. The bandit spawns when you summon and hail the ghost and depops if not killed.
  3. Return to Bayden.
  4. Find and challenge The Smokehorn Champion.
    • He will spawn as an NPC within the Smokehorn Basin in the Steamfont Mountains near the other named at ( -880, 60, 1531 ) /waypoint -880, 60, 1531. Speak to him and he will attack as a 65^, kill him for the update.
  5. Return to Sir Bayden Cauldthorn.


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